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    Exclamation Hatchling Gym Rules

    The Gym Is Open

    Welcome to the Hatchling Gym. Things are a little bit different in this gym, for one thing only freshly hatched Pokémon are allowed to compete!

    Basic Rules:

    1. All Pokémon must be hatched by the trainer - Because this gym is designed to test your breeding as well as battling skills we require that all Pokémon used on your team match your trainer name and number.

    2. All Pokémon must be level 1 - Pokémon hatched in Diamond and Pearl hatch at level 1. We use the open battle rules so all battles will be with level 1 Pokémon and not Pokémon artificially raised to level 50 or level 100.

    3. No items - There are some Pokémon + Item combination that can prove very devastating in this format. Because of this we have decided to ban all hold items from use in this gym. Don't let items be a crutch.

    4. Single battle - All battles are in single battle format.

    5. Three Pokémon per team - Anyone can make a Pokémon team with six Pokémon to cover their bases but can you do it with only three Pokémon?

    6. No set damage moves - Most Pokémon will have between 10 and 12 hit points. Allowing moves like SonicBoom and Dragon Rage in this format would not be very much fun. Because of this all set damage moves are illegal for this gym.

    Advanced Rules:

    a. All Pokémon must be the lowest evolution form for a given Pokémon.

    b. All Pokémon must be capable of evolving.

    c. All Pokémon must have been capable of evolving when first introduced. Pokemon that had evolution added in a later generation are not legal for this gym.


    • Aipom
    • Lickitung
    • Meditite
    • Misdreavus
    • Murkrow
    • Nosepass
    • Onix
    • Porygon
    • Scyther
    • Sneasel
    • Tangela
    • Yanma

    Allowed First Generation Pokémon

    * Bulbasaur
    * Charmander
    * Squirtle
    * Caterpie
    * Weedle
    * Pidgey
    * Ratatta
    * Spearow
    * Ekans
    * Sandshrew
    * Nidoran M
    * Nidoran F

    * Vulpix
    * Zubat
    * Oddish
    * Paras
    * Venonat
    * Diglett
    * Meowth
    * Psyduck
    * Mankey
    * Growlithe
    * Poliwag
    * Abra
    * Machop
    * Bellsprout
    * Tentacool
    * Geodude
    * Ponyta
    * Slowpoke
    * Magnemite
    * Doduo
    * Seel
    * Grimer
    * Shellder
    * Gastly
    * Drowzee
    * Krabby
    * Voltorb
    * Exeggcute
    * Cubone
    * Koffing
    * Rhyhorn
    * Horsea
    * Goldeen
    * Staryu
    * Magikarp
    * Eevee
    * Omanyte
    * Kabuto
    * Dratini
    Allowed Second Generation Pokémon

    * Chikorita
    * Cyndaquil
    * Totodile

    * Sentret
    * Hoothoot
    * Ledyba
    * Spinarak
    * Chinchou
    * Pichu
    * Cleffa
    * Igglybuff
    * Togepi

    * Natu
    * Mareep
    * Hoppip

    * Sunkern
    * Wooper
    * Pineco
    * Snubbull
    * Teddiursa
    * Slugma
    * Swinub
    * Remoraid
    * Houndour
    * Phanpy
    * Tyrogue
    * Smoochum
    * Elekid
    * Magby

    * Larvitar

    Allowed Third Generation Pokémon

    * Treecko
    * Torchic
    * Mudkip

    * Poochyena
    * Zigzagoon
    * Wurmple
    * Lotad
    * Seedot

    * Taillow
    * Wingull
    * Ralts
    * Surskit
    * Shroomish
    * Slakoth
    * Nincada
    * Whismur
    * Makuhita
    * Azurill
    * Skitty
    * Aron
    * Electrike
    * Gulpin
    * Carvanha
    * Wailmer
    * Numel
    * Spoink
    * Trapinch
    * Cacnea
    * Swablu
    * Barboach
    * Corphish
    * Baltoy
    * Lileep
    * Anorith
    * Feebas
    * Shuppet
    * Duskull
    * Wynaut
    * Snorunt
    * Spheal
    * Clamperl
    * Bagon
    * Beldum

    Allowed Fourth Generation Pokémon

    * Turtwig
    * Chimchar
    * Piplup
    * Starly

    * Bidoof
    * Kricketot
    * Shinx
    * Budew

    * Cranidos
    * Shieldon
    * Burmy
    * Combee
    * Buizel
    * Cherubi
    * Shellos
    * Drifloon
    * Buneary
    * Glameow
    * Chingling
    * Stunky
    * Bronzor
    * Bonsly
    * Mime Jr.
    * Happiny
    * Gible

    * Munchlax
    * Riolu
    * Hippopotas
    * Skorupi
    * Croagunk
    * Finneon
    * Mantyke
    * Snover

    Clauses:All clauses are ON

    Evasion Clause
    • Moves that directly increase evasion (such as Double Team and Minimize) are NOT permitted in battle.
    • Taking advantage of abilities such as Sand Veil and Snow Cloak are permitted. They are abilities, and do not directly affect evasion status.

    Self-K.O. Clause
    • When both parties are down the last Pokémon, Self-K.O. moves (such as Explosion, Destiny Bond, Perish Song, Memento, etc.) will cause an automatic loss for its user.
    • Abilities such as Aftermath do not count since they are abilities and not moves.

    Sleep Clause
    • It is NOT permitted that the status Sleep (SLP) be applied to more than one of the opponent's Pokémon at a time. The opponent's currently sleeping Pokémon must first awaken or get knocked out before Sleep may be cast on the opponent's Pokémon once again.
    • Applying the status Sleep while using random-selection moves (such as Assist, Metronome, Sleep Talk, etc.) does NOT violate this clause.
    • The move Yawn (unless used with moves such as Assist, Metronome, Sleep Talk, etc.) violates this clause.
    • Self-inflicted Sleep (such as Rest) does NOT count in this clause, as it is voluntarily inflicted by the user and not by the opponent.
    • If ability-inflicted Sleep (such as Effect Spore, etc.) is already in effect, applying Sleep to another Pokémon violates this clause. However, this clause is NOT violated if the ability takes effect after the status Sleep has already been applied.

    One-hit KO (O.H.K.O.) Clause
    • One-hit K.O. moves (such as Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold, etc.) are NOT permitted, as they hugely rely on chance and not skill.


    Q1. How do I apply?
    A1. Go you your UserCP -> Group Memberships and apply to join the group.

    Q2. I did that, when do we battle?
    A2. I will contact you after receiving your request with a potential time for a battle.

    Q3. When will the Gym be open for challenges?
    A3. Shortly...
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    Meditite has been added to the list of Little Battle banned Pokémon. Please look over the list and let me know if I missed any Poké that meets the banned Poké requirements or if there is a Poké missing from the allowed Poké list.

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    I have put the Pokemon that make you eligiable for a shiny badge in Lime Green. If I have missed any, Pm me please.
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