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    Ludicolo: The Carefree Pokémon.

    Gen III: Upon Hearing an upbeat and cheerful rhythm, the cells in Ludicolo's body become very energetic and active. Even in battle, this Pokémon will exhibit an amazing amount of power.

    Gen VI: If it hears festive music, all its muscles fill with energy. It can't help breaking out into a dance.

    Type: Water/Grass

    Lotads(stage 1) can be caught on route 203, 204, 205 and 212 with Sapphire in the GBA slot.
    Evolve from Lombre

    Base Stats:
    HP 80
    Atk 70
    Def 70
    Sp. Atk 90
    Sp. Def 100
    Speed 70
    Total 480


    Normal : 1×
    Fighting : 1×
    Rock : 1×
    Ghost : 1×
    Grass : 1×
    Fire : 1×
    Electric : 1×
    Psychic : 1×
    Ice : 1×
    Dragon : 1×
    Dark : 1×
    Ground : ˝×
    Steel : ˝×
    Water : Ľ×
    Flying : 2×
    Poison : 2×
    Bug : 2×

    Simple Walls

    Ludicolo @ lefties
    Rain Dish-Calm
    252 hp/ 100defense/ 100sp. defense/ 56 sp. atk
    Leech seed
    fake out

    Simple, leech seed and toxic, then switch, come back in and use Fake out, for a free chunk of HP.

    Ludicolo@ Lefties
    252 hp/ 100defense/ 100sp. defense/ 56 atk
    Rain Dish- Brave
    Leech seed
    Drain punch

    IMO the most evil one ever, same as above but with drain punch you'll have your opponent fleeing. You recover a whopping 36% of your HP each turn with the rain, plus Drain punch. The Steel Counter.

    Ludicolo @ Lefties
    Rain Dish-Calm
    252 hp/ 100 sp. def/ 156 sp. atk
    Energy Ball
    leech seed

    Set up a sub and go for it!

    Ludicolo@ Lum berry
    Rain dish/ Docile
    252 hp/ 96 defense/ 128sp. def/ 32 atk
    Leech seed

    The goal is to slowly wear down your own HP, then surprise the out of your opponent with flail. Great fake wall.

    Physical Attackers

    Ludicolo @ Cheri berry
    Adamant-Swift Swim
    200speed/100attack/ 56defence/ 100 sp. def
    Natural Gift
    Zen Headbutt
    Brick Break
    Toxic/Rain dance/ recycle

    A Physical Ludicolo. The Natural Gift gives good type coverage with the Cheri(fire). The set is simple, have a rain dance set up, walk in and sweep. The last move is really for if you want poison, or have Ludicolo set up his own Rain dance, or if you want to be able to use Natural gift(fire) again.

    Ludicolo@ life orb
    Adamant-Swift Swim
    252 attack/ 128 def/ 128 sp def
    Secret power
    Brick Break
    Razor Leaf

    Simple. Choose your attack. Secret power has a 30% chance of Paralyzing

    Ludicolo@ Salac Berry
    Adamant- Swift Swim
    252 attack/ 128 defense/ 128 sp. defense
    Protect/ Endure
    Rain dance

    Waste some turns with Protect/Rain dance, get your hp nice and low with Substitute, and then sweep away with Flail. If you expect him to get KOed Endure might be an alternate choice.

    Special Attackers

    Ludicolo @ Wise Glasses
    Modest- Swift Swim
    252 sp. Attack/ 252 speed/ 4 hp
    Hydro Pump/Surf
    Energy Ball/ Grass knot
    Ice Beam
    Captivate/Toxic/ Rain dance

    Ludicolo makes a decent Special attacker, and has a few moves at his disposal. Hydro Pump is a power house, but if you like accuracy more, go with Surf. Energy ball is if Ludicolo is your only grass sp. Attacker. If you have 2 then go with Grass knot. Ice Beam for type-coverage, and the last is personal choice.

    Ludicolo @ Choice Specs
    Modest – Swift Swim
    255sp. Attack/ 255 speed
    HP Ground/fighting
    Hydro Pump
    Energy Ball
    Ice Beam

    A choice Ludicolo. HP ground/fighting is for those pesky Steel types. Hydro Pump for sure, with STAB is chaotic, as well as STABed energy ball.


    Ludicolo@ Damp rock
    Calm-Rain dish
    252 hp/ 100 defense/ 100 sp. defense/ 56 sp attack.
    Rain dance
    Leech seed
    Surf/Ice beam/ Energy Ball

    Set up Rain dance and go from there. Attack is a preference, as well as a relation to your team. The fourth move is also preference.

    One may notice no Choice Banded Ludicolo. There is a reason. Choice Banded Ludicolo get’s KOed faster than you can say Ludicolo.
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