Meh, my first breeding project in the Galar region and I started with Dreepy.

Dreepy evolves into the region’s big dragon Dragapult.

Being a Ghost/Dragon Type gives Dragapult some nice offensive moves to play with.

Dragapult also receives a signature move Dragon Darts, a 50 BP move that launches 2 attacks.

In Double battles Dragon Darts will send 1 dart to each opponent, unless 1 opponent is a Fairy type or an opponent used Protect, then both Darts will go to one opponent.

Nature: Adamant
IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
Quick Attack
Sucker Punch

I currently have,
Clear Body - 3xMales, 5xFemales
Infiltrator - 1xMale, 1xFemale

All Dreepy come holding a Wishing Piece.

If interested please post with your IGN and which gender and ability you want.

I will then PM to setup the trade and provide a Link Code to get your Dreepy.