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Thread: A Late Frost: Woolly Swinubs

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    Default A Late Frost: Woolly Swinubs

    Swinub is a Ground/Ice type that evolves to Piloswine at level 33 and to its final evolution Mamoswine once Piloswine learns Ancient Power. Mamoswine boasts an impressive attack, but a middling speed so I opted to breed them with a Jolly nature (+Speed, -SpAttack) to help boost that and outpace its opponents, mainly Breloom.

    Swinub has a great hidden ability in Thick Fat. Thick Fat reduces the damage of Fire and Ice moves by 50%. Fire is one of its weaknesses due to its Ice typing and its Ground typing gives it neutral damage to Ice moves. Thick Fat allows it take those hits and to counter those type opponents with Ground and Rock type moves. Oblivious used to be an unattractive ability due to the fact that very few pokémon use Attract. In this generation not only is it unaffected by Infatuation, but it cannot be Taunted allowing it to freely use Stealth Rock. Snow Cloak increases its evasion by 25% in when hail is in effect making it a great partner for Abomasnow. Its typing prevents it from taking either Hail or Sandstorm damage making it a great pivot for those weathers.

    These little pigs come with the following moves:

    • Stealth Rock - Rock - An entry hazard that causes damage based on an opponent's weakness to the Rock-type moves.
    • Icicle Crash - Ice (STAB)- Power 85, Accuracy 90 - A powerful Ice move with a 30% chance of making an opponent flinch.
    • Double Edge - Normal - Power 120, Acc 100 - A reckless, life-risking tackle. It also damages the user by 33% of the HP damage given.
    • Ancient Power - Rock - Power 60, Accuracy 100 - 10% chance of raising all its stats, but this is a special attack move and I only have it here because it needs it for its final evolution. Once you evolve it to Piloswine it can be relearned for the price of a Heart Scale

    A word of warning. One of its best moves, Ice Shard, a priority Ice move, is learned as a level-up move at level 24. Once it evolves to Piloswine that move cannot be relearned so if you wish to use it, make sure you have it before evolution. If anyone wants me to teach it the TM Earthquake, its best Ground, move let me know. If you can wait, its generally best to teach it that move once it evolves to Mamoswine and drop Ancient Power.

    These all have IVs of 31/31/31/X/31/31.

    Thick Fat ♀ 8/8
    Thick Fat ♂ 7/7
    Oblivious ♀ 2/2
    Oblivious ♂ 1/1
    Snow Cloak ♀ 3/3
    Snow Cloak ♂ 2/2

    These are in my Pokemon Y game and if you haven't registered me then leave your friend code in the post along with a nickname if you prefer. My Friend code is 2466-2668-6626.
    I'm not looking for any particular pokemon. If there is something you bred, that is great, other than that just send over something you don't want. Heart Scales are always appreciated in this generation as I bypass many level up moves to keep the egg moves intact during breeding.

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    I'd like one Thick Fat ♀ 8/8 please and thank you
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    Any male please!

    No nickname thanks.

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