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Thread: Who is excited for the new game?

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    I'm really excited for this game because there is just a bunch of change for the overworld. The Gyms look like they will have a lot of different mechanics as well. (The Swinging from Vine to Vine and the Spider Web in the trailer video)

    I would assume that the first gym is Grass type (I could be completely wrong though)

    Nonetheless this game looks amazing and exciting, I haven't played pokemon since Black so I'm kind of excited to pick up the series again!

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    Pokemon Dream Radar was part of my motivation for getting a 3DS... The XL helped my decision (having tried the original size and finding the screen a little small)

    I am interested to see the 3D overworld - the preview footage reminded me of Dragon Quest IX, a game I got really into.

    As for which starter I will choose, I am torn between Fennekin (ridiculously cute) and Froakie (based on my favorite animal), so when I buy both games, I'll have one of each. Seeing how they look when fully evolved may affect my decision on this.
    Apart from Gen 1*, I've often chosen the fire type starter because you don't come across fire types early on in-game, whilst grass and water can be encountered elsewhere.
    This discrepancy was most pronounced in Diamond and Pearl - the Chimchar line and the Ponyta line were the only fire types available before receiving the National Dex.
    *Gen 1 I chose Squirtle.

    I have found it is often a debate between fire and water. My first Diamond journey was made with piplup, and my first Gold play-through was with totodile. Subsequent plays have been with cyndaquil though ^_^
    If you're wondering about Gen III, that was Torchic.

    Grass starters seem to offer a greater challenge than Fire or Water. Early on, a lot of bugs and birds tend to make salad out of them. Bulbasaur and Chikorita are pretty awesome, but I admit I usually end up trading for them rather than starting out.
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    The new deer legend, Xerneas, reminds of the deer god from the movie Princess Mononoke.
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    Now I need to get a 3ds! Oh well. I was already considering buying one for fire emblem awakening, which hopefully can tide me over until October.
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    Froakie ftw! Frog pokemon rock! I'm so happy that this is an international release so I can't be spoiled by the Internet before the games come out

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