Chapter 1

The round and black stone sat still,the same way it had for hundreds of years since the last hero. The last hero had one decendent, the one that was supposed to awaken Zekrom form his slumber.The ground shook, which meant someone else was atempting to find treasure. The only way a person could get to the bottom was if they had a pure heart. Suddenly someone fell through the sand floor.

"I'm outta here, Lydia" said a young boy with brown hair and green eyes. "Wait for me at the hotel at Nimbasa, even if this place is giving me the creeps." Lydia said as she tossed her red hair behind her shoulder.She scanned her backpack, looking for the right pokeball while her blue eyes sparkeled in the torch light. She grabbed a rage candy bar and started to eat it. She tossed out a male Infernape. The Infernape was named Ash. "See ya, Lucas" Lydia said as Lucas threw out a female Sandslash. Sandslash dug away fastly as Lydia and her partner stepped into the complete darkness.

Hopefully I can write a lot more over my vacation. This is my first Fan-Fiction i hope you like it.