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Thread: Team Plasma Returns

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    Love reading this story

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    Thanks for the positive comments, everyone! Here it is, with only a wait of two weeks but I think this one is worth it.

    Team Plasma Returns
    Chapter Thirteen

    Ryan stood across from Riaz and thought to himself, “Should I really be getting into a battle at a time like this?” He could see that Riaz would most likely prevent him from leaving without a battle. “I guess I have no choice. If I can get this battle over with then I can meet up with Koty and the others as quick as I can.”
    “So let’s get on with it!” Riaz exclaimed as he tossed a PokeBall in front of him. The ball popped open mid-air and released a bright light, forming a large steel-clad bird.
    “Skarmory, huh?” Ryan said to himself. He then reached for a PokeBall from his belt. “Okay then, I’ll start with you, Braviary.” The sphere repeated the same process, this time releasing a large eagle-like Pokemon.
    “Let’s make this a three-on-three battle. No switch-ins.” Riaz accepted with a nod.
    “Skarmory, use Steel Wing!” At Riaz’s command the steel bird’s wings began to glow brightly as it picked itself up into the air and flew straight for Braviary.
    Just in time to make a counterattack Ryan called, “Braviary, intercept the attack with your feet.” The eagle extended its legs forward and clutched the Skarmory’s wings, much to the metal bird’s surprise along with its trainer. “Now use Superpower.” Braviary’s superior strength allowed it to overpower Skarmory and push it recklessly into the wall. It was clear that Skarmory took heavy damage, but it was not down just yet.
    Before Ryan could follow up on the attack, Riaz shouted, “Skarmory, let’s try another Steel Wing!” The bird did as it was told and proceeded to attack Braviary, this time succeeding. Braviary fell back and gained footing on the floor.
    Both trainers could see that both of their Pokemon had taken serious damage. Ryan took the opportunity and commanded, “Go in for one more Superpower; don’t hold back!” Braviary flapped its wings once to become airborne and proceeded to charge straight into Skarmory with its feet extended in front.
    “Counter it!” Riaz yelled. But Braviary’s superior strength was too much for Skarmory to handle, leading to its defeat as it was forcefully smashed into the wall. The metal bird struggled to stand back up but fell back down, undefeated.
    Riaz recalled his Pokemon to its ball. Ryan looked at him and said, “You’re battling very different this time around. I gotta say, I’m impressed.”
    Riaz frowned, ignoring Ryan’s comment. “Go, Salamence!”
    Braviary braced itself as the blue dragon, previously unseen by Ryan and his team, took form several feet away from it. “A Salamence, too?” Ryan said to himself. “Okay then, use Aerial Ace.” At the command Braviary’s wings began to glow white on its approach at a very high speed. The attack landed, dealing decent damage and flying back to its own side of the makeshift battlefield.
    “Salamence, Hyper Beam!” The dragon quickly charged a bright light in its mouth then released it in Braviary’s direction. The bird didn’t see the attack coming and was unable to dodge in time, fully taking the hit in its chest. Braviary fell to the ground in defeat.
    Ryan returned his Pokemon with a slight smile. “You did well, Braviary.” He then took out another PokeBall and tossed it forward. “Starmie, use Whirlpool.” As the double-star shaped Pokemon was released midair it continued to spin toward Salamence and begin spinning around in circles around it, quickly forming a large whirlpool.
    “I won’t let him win using the same Pokemon. Salamence, Thunderbolt!” Before Ryan could call Starmie to come back to him the whirlpool became electrified. Riaz did not at first realize that, because Salamence was also inside the whirlpool along with Starmie, Salamence would take heavy damage from its own attack.
    Once Starmie took its place on the ground Ryan commanded an Ice Beam attack, to which Riaz ordered Salamence to counter with a Dragon Pulse. The two attacks collided, but the Dragon Pulse proved stronger and pushed the Ice Beam back toward Starmie along with it. A small explosion occurred that Starmie attempted to dodge, but failed to do so and fainted. Ryan called back Starmie as well, amazed by the power the mighty dragon held.
    “Let’s finish this, Jolteon!” The spiky yellow fox took the field and gave a low growl at its opponent. “Use Pin Missile and then Quick Attack.” Jolteon fired several pins from its fur at blinding speed then followed them using Quick Attack.
    “Dragon Pulse!” Salamence once again fired the attack, blazing through the pins dead on. “Wait a sec... where did it...!”
    Just as Riaz located the fox’s location Ryan smirked and called for Jolteon to use Shadow Ball.
    From behind Salamence, Jolteon fired a violet sphere of energy, exploding on contact and blowing the dragon back and covering it in smoke. Once the smoke cleared Salamence could be seen collapsed on the floor.
    “Salamence, return.” Riaz ordered with a frown. It was time for the last Pokemon from each trainer to face each other and decide the winner. Riaz was not about to let himself lose this fight. “Weavile, go! Use Double Team right away!” The familiar Pokemon took its place and proceeded to make illusory copies of itself. “Now circle it and use Ice Beam!” The several Weaviles, the original unable to be detected, surrounded the electric fox and fired light blue beams from their mouths, freezing it in thick ice. Damian and Taryn looked in awe.
    “I think Riaz is about to win this,” Taryn examined. “Even when Ryan’s Pokemon are so strong.” Damian remained silent and watched the outcome of the battle.
    “Now, group Night Slash!” Riaz commanded. As he did so, the many Weaviles readied to slash away with their claws which then began to glow a pitch black.
    Just as the Pokemon leaped in the air for attack, Ryan called, “Jolteon, use Thunder at full power!” At that moment the thick barrier of ice shattered by the force of a huge yellow lightning bolt. The attack spread smaller bolts around Jolteon which did away with the illusory Weaviles, revealing the real one as it took one to the shoulder and jumped backward out of range.
    “Get in quick and hit it with a Night Slash!” The dark/ice type obeyed and sped into the large lightning bolt. It slowed down with each step until it completely stopped and struggled to stand. It put in a final effort to fight back against the Thunder attack and land a hit with Night Slash.

    By this time the abnormally powerful Thunder attack had blown a hole in the roof of the base, continuing up into the sky with dark clouds forming around it. Heather noticed this and stopped running. “What’s that over there?”
    Koty stopped running as well and glanced in the direction Heather indicated. “I think that’s Ryan’s Jolteon. He could be in trouble.” Heather continued to stare with a worried expression. “But I doubt it’s anything he can’t handle, especially with an attack like that. C’mon, let’s keep going before we end up in trouble, too.” Koty continued running in their initial direction.
    Heather gave one last look to the golden pillar of electricity in the distance. “I know he’ll be okay, but... why do I get the feeling that something big is about to happen?”

    “Charizard, Flamethrower!” The large orange dragon shot a powerful stream of flames from its mouth, which was blocked by the opposing Empoleon by crossing its blade-like arms. “Now, Focus Blast!” Charizard quickly followed up its previous Flamethrower attack with a sphere of fighting energy and fired it at the tall blue penguin Pokemon, who was unable to see the attack coming in time due to its arms covering its face while in a defensive position, resulting in it taking serious damage.
    Edward frowned and muttered, “This girl’s putting up a better fight than I thought she would. She really knows how to cover her weaknesses."
    Kaylee smiled triumphantly. “Great work, Charizard; now let’s finish this up with a Fire Blast!” The mighty dragon took in a breath and released a massive blast of fire that branched off in five directions.
    Edward smirked. “Aqua Jet, now.” As instructed, Empoleon placed its arms straight at its sides and cloaked itself in water before sliding along the cave walls, propelling itself between two of the five branches of fire and plowing into Charizard. Kaylee called its name in shock.
    “Now finish it off; Hydro Pump!” Edward commanded confidently. Empoleon then placed itself into a firm stance and tilted its head back.
    “C’mon, Charizard, don’t give up!” Charizard picked itself off the ground and stood tall. Empoleon then faced Charizard and projected a powerful blast of water. “Flamethrower!” The dragon once again fired a stream of fire.
    Both attacks pushed against each other, competing for dominance. “Give it all you have, Charizard!” The flames intensified, pushing slowly more and more toward Empoleon.
    Edward grinned. “Give it some more power, Empoleon.” The blue penguin opened its mouth wider, propelling more water with more power, overcoming the Flamethrower.
    “No!” Kaylee yelled. Charizard was pushed into the wall by the force of the water, unable to get back up. She then held out a PokeBall and called back Charizard, then smiled at the sphere. “You did great, old friend.” A slow clap echoed off the walls of the cave.
    “Bravo,” Edward said. “You did much better than I thought you would. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a bit worried.”
    “U-Um, thanks,” Kaylee stuttered, uncertain why the Plasma Admin was acting this way. “But why? Before our battle you came off as, well... different.”
    Edward paused a moment. “Truth be told, I’m not really into the whole ‘Team Plasma’ thing. I just love battling.”
    Kaylee thought to herself, “So Heather’s not the only one that joined for the wrong reasons...” She looked up at Edward and asked, “Then why would you join? You don’t have to be a member of some organization to have a Pokemon battle.”
    “Of course not,” Edward said with a laugh. “But it’s more of what Xenos offered me: a high position with any strong Pokemon I can think of.”
    “But aren’t battles supposed to be with the Pokemon you’ve trained and grown bonds with? I don’t see how battles can be fun with Pokemon that you have no connection with at all.”
    “Perhaps,” Edward started. “I always figured that if battles were fought to be won, then by having the strongest Pokemon I would better enjoy battles because I would always win.”
    Kaylee shook her head. “But it’s by growing and training with your Pokemon that, not only they, but you also become stronger. Besides, if Xenos were to get his way, and only Team Plasma were legally allowed Pokemon, how could battles exist?”
    Edward didn’t respond.
    Kaylee extended her hand and smiled. “C’mon, you can come with us. We can all fight together against Xenos.” Edward stared, unable to speak. “Heather really likes hanging around us. I think you would, too!”
    He looked to the ground and smiled. “Thanks... but I don’t know about that. But don’t worry; I’m not fighting for Xenos either now that you’ve enlightened me on what I needed to know. I won’t fight for a cause that will end in a world that I don’t want, a world without Pokemon battles.”
    Kaylee laughed. “Great! If you ever change your mind, I think you know where we’ll be next.” Edward nodded as she walked toward the cave exit. “Oh, and one more thing. You and Heather both joined Team Plasma without really wanting to. And Xenos is, of course, the brains behind it all, but there is another high-up member we were told about. Is there any way that she...?”
    Edward laughed, “Oh, Chloe? I wouldn’t waste my time trying to convince her. As far as I know she’s been with Xenos since the start. She was also the one to train Heather when she joined.”
    “Wait, Heather?” He nodded. “So you mean...”
    “Yes. I remember when Heather was first taken in. She was a sweet, quiet girl for a while. Then she would always be seen with Chloe and, well, sort of became her.” Edward explained.
    “So that thing she said about how she couldn’t act the way she was... that’s what she meant.” She pondered. “And the way Heather was acting at the Desert Resort... that’s how Chloe is?”
    He nodded. “Almost exactly -- just more confident about it.”
    “I guess I should tell the others about all this. Thank you, Edward. I hope to see you soon.” Kaylee smiled as she turned to leave again.
    “We will, don’t worry about that. I still want to have that battle with your friend, Ryan.” The two said their goodbyes and left on their separate ways.

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    Cool. Another great chapter! I like your battling style.

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    Ryan, come back to the dark side! We need your writing up. I'm loving this story. Hopefully there'll be an update soon?? It'd be one worth waiting for, I'm sure.
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    He said something about updating it next week or weekend to me yesterday
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    Okay, guys, here it is: chapter fourteen. And it's a long one, maybe the longest chapter I've ever written. There isn't much of the story left so I will have an announcement to make when I finish the next chapter. Thanks again for supporting me this far.

    Team Plasma Returns
    Chapter Fourteen

    Koty and Heather continued in haste deeper into the forested area outside the cave. It was colder than it had been thirty years ago, with ice covering most of the place. Heather attempted to keep warm by folding her arms while Koty stuffed his hands in the front pocket of the sweatshirt he wore.
    “D-Do you think Kaylee and Ryan are okay out th-there? We haven’t heard anything f-from them for a while now.” Heather asked through chattering teeth.
    “Of course they are. Kaylee may not be champion material but she can handle herself for a while. As for Ryan...” Koty paused, “Well, I think we both know how well he battles.”
    Heather thought for a moment. “I guess you’re right.”
    Koty smirked. “Now, if it were me in a battle with Team Plasma, I’d win no doubt!” Heather simply smiled in amusement and continued treading through the maze while attempting to avoid slipping on any ice.
    Eventually the two reached a side of the mountain and looked around. “Looks like a dead end.” Koty examined. Heather looked over the area until she noticed some sort of formation on the rock wall to her far left, shrouded in mist.
    “Wait a second...” she mused as she paced toward the point of interest. Heather stopped when her view became clear then looked up. It seemed to be a set of climbable stairs leading to the top. “Just as I thought. Koty, over here!”
    Koty walked over. “What’s up?”
    Heather pointed to the flat area on the mountain where the staircase stopped. “It looks like these stairs were put here only recently, maybe a few years ago. Up there could be the location of the Pokemon we’re looking for.”
    “Well, what are we waiting for?” Koty said impatiently as he nearly broke out into a run up the steps. “The sooner I get to beat down Team Plasma the better.” Heather followed, attempting to keep the same pace.

    “H-How could I lose? Again?!” The raven-haired teen stared in disbelief as the Weavile fell to the ground and the immense Thunder attack ceased.
    Jolteon turned around and ran to its trainer then was petted on the head. “That was great, thanks Jolteon,” Ryan congratulated the electric fox. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to be somewhere right now.”
    “But what about your Pokemon?” Damian inquired. “That battle had to have tired them out, even your Jolteon somewhat.”
    Ryan thought a moment. “True, but there’s not much that can be done about that. It will take too long to get to a Pokemon Center and heal up.”
    “Then what are you going to do?” Taryn asked.
    Ryan put his arms behind his head relaxedly and thought. “Well, I’m going to have to take a risk that my Pokemon won’t be in too much trouble and just rely on some healing items I have in my pack.” He took out two PokeBalls and pressed the button once on each of them then held them out in front, popping open and revealing Braviary and Starmie. The two were exhausted. The other three trainers watched as Ryan took some medicine from his backpack and applied it to each Pokemon. “There, that should be good.” He stood upright again and faced the others. “What are you going to do next?”
    “We were thinking of going back to Driftveil, but it’s probably in chaos from that raid those guys pulled,” Taryn explained. “So we were hoping we could hang around you and your other friends for a while.”
    Damian grinned. “Besides, we figured we could help take down those Plasma guys. It’s the least we could do for helping us out.”
    Ryan smiled and nodded. “Sounds good to me. C’mon, let’s get going.” He, Damian, and Taryn proceeded to walk through the hallway they had come from in search of an exit. Riaz stood with his arms folded a moment before following reluctantly.
    “Tch! I may have a score to settle with those Plasma losers, but once they’re out of the way I will, someday, beat you too.”

    Koty and Heather finally stopped several yards short of a huge glacier the size of a mountain. There was a large opening that rose up to the size of a two-story building. They stood in awe, almost forgetting about the very cold weather.
    “This looks promising. Let’s go,” Koty gestured for Heather to follow. She nodded and the two took a few steps before they were halted by a voice.
    “Hold it right there,” a feminine voice echoed from behind. Heather shuddered as she turned around. There stood a girl who dressed in a similar uniform to Heather when Koty and the others had first encountered her. Her short blonde hair shifted in the icy wind and covered part of her face, yet her piercing blue eyes shone through. Unlike Edward, she had brought a group of grunts along with her along with another that stood out in appearance from the others with his deep green eyes and raven-colored hair. “Hi there, Admin H. It’s been a while.”
    “N-no...” Heather stuttered inaudibly, then spoke at a normal pitch, “Chloe...”
    The last known remaining Admin frowned. “I see we’re not on the same name basis. I guess becoming a traitor would do that to you.” Heather bit her lip.
    “Hey, leave her alone.” Everyone looked at Koty. “If I were in her case, I would have ditched your so-called ‘worthy cause’ like she did.”
    Chloe narrowed her eyes. “Quiet, kid. You have no place here except being a liability for Zekrom. Without that you are nothing.”
    Koty bared his teeth. “I’m a great battler; I’ll show you what I can really do! Come out, Emboar!” A PokeBall was tossed into the air, releasing the familiar fire- and fighting-type Pokemon.
    Chloe smiled maliciously. “No, no. I won’t be wasting my time with you.” She then turned toward Heather. “If I’m battling anyone, it’s her. I deal with traitors personally. You, on the other hand, can battle my assistant.” On cue, the man with green eyes nodded and tossed a PokeBall forward, exploding to release a hovering steel bell with ancient markings covering its body.
    “Will do,” he spoke calmly before looking at Koty. “And what might the name of Zekrom’s partner be?”
    Koty smirked. “It’s Koty. Might I ask what yours is?”
    “Sentinel. Introductions aside, let’s get this battle started,” he said with no detectable emotion.
    “Sounds good to me. C’mon, Emboar, let’s do this!” Koty said as he and his Pokemon stood battle-ready.
    “Come with me, Heather. I believe we have something to talk about,” Chloe frowned as she beckoned her to follow as the two male trainers began their battle. Heather did as instructed, although hesitantly, and followed. The two walked in silence for a few minutes until they came to a flat area and stopped with several feet of distance between each other. “Why did you leave?”
    There was a pause. “I had to. Once I realized what we were doing was wrong I couldn’t bring myself to go back. My new friends... they helped me. They helped me remember who I am and not what you made me to be.”
    Chloe sneered. “When you were brought in you were the saddest excuse of a human being I ever met. I took it upon myself to mold you into someone who can gain respect; someone that can be feared and taken seriously. And you threw it all away. You have the potential to be a great battler and it showed itself under my training... and now look at you. All of your new friends are doing the battling for you.”
    Heather stiffened. She hadn’t done any battling since she met Ryan. “I-I...”
    Chloe smiled maliciously. “See? You know it’s true.”
    “B-But do you realize what Team Plasma is going to do with the legendary pokemon? The world will be under their evil rule!” Heather protested, avoiding the previous accusation.
    “Evil?” Chloe laughed. “There is no true evil, only what you see it as. What we think is right can be totally different from what you think is right.”
    “That isn’t true! Xenos isn’t doing this for the good of the world, only for himself,” Heather countered. Chloe reached for her belt.
    “Believe what you want. But if you feel so strongly about your beliefs,” she began as she tossed a PokeBall forward, “then I’ll give you a chance to stand up for them.” What then appeared from the capsule was a vanilla-colored feline labeled with a red gem on its forehead. “Persian, attack!”
    Heather was stunned but snapped out of it in time to call her own pokemon into battle. “Liepard, help me out!” The two felines collided using their claws and pounced away from each other.
    “Use Stone Gem,” Chloe commanded. The gem on the Persian’s forehead gleamed before several tan diamond shapes circled around the feline and flung themselves into the dark feline.
    “Liepard, no!” Heather shrieked. Her pokemon was damaged heavily from the attack and hardly able to stand.
    Chloe frowned. “So you really did lose your flare.”
    “W-What do you mean?”
    Chloe looked down at Heather’s struggling Liepard. “Whatever a trainer feels, their pokemon feels. If you feel determined to win so do they. That’s what I brought out of you. This team needed that to accomplish our goals, H.”
    Heather balled her fists. “...Team? I have a team now and it’s much more of a team than Team Plasma ever was! You may have tried to make me a better battler but it was all for your selfish reasons.”
    Chloe remained silent.
    “And it was wrong for you to do that,” Heather continued. “The way to improve a trainer is not to change them altogether. Each trainer is unique in how they battle. That is what I’ve learned from my new friends... they are my team.”
    The corner of Chloe’s lip turned upward into a half-smile, then it disappeared. “Impressive. All that from your friends?” Heather nodded. “Well then... we’ll just have to eliminate them.”
    Heather’s eyes widened. “W-What?!”
    “But first,” Chloe smiled maliciously. “You must be dealt with. Persian, finish her and her pokemon!” The Persian sprinted toward its weakened adversary.
    Heather was now running toward Liepard as well. “No!”
    “Leave her alone!” A sudden blast of flames knocked the Persian to the ground forcefully. Both admins snapped their heads in the direction of the attack.
    Heather’s face lit up. “Kaylee!”
    Kaylee ran up to her and embraced her. “You okay?” Heather nodded. Kaylee then looked down at Liepard then back to its trainer. “Don’t worry, I’ll take it from here. Arcanine?” The large fire-type growled menacingly at the downed Persian and its trainer.
    Chloe smirked. “I’m not done just yet. Alakazam, teach this brat a lesson!” A flash of light appeared, revealing a pokemon with a mustache that rivaled the size of its big head. “Psybeam, now!”
    “Dodge with Extremespeed!” Kaylee commanded. Just before the psychic attack landed, Arcanine disappeared. In an instant it appeared again as it rammed into Alakazam. “Now hit it with a Flamethrower!” Before Chloe could think to counter the oncoming attack, her pokemon was blasted with a flurry of flames that spewed from the canine’s mouth. The Psychic-type lay in defeat and was recalled back to its trainer, whose surprise was effectively masked.
    “I suppose I should tell the boss about this...” Chloe muttered to herself as she stared at the PokeBall.
    “What was that?” Kaylee asked, raising her voice as she took a step closer and her Arcanine growled once more.
    Chloe reached and clicked a button on her belt, which caused a pair of wings to unfold from her back. “See you around, kiddies!” Before Heather and Kaylee could react, the ground beneath Chloe’s feet seemed to catch fire just as she was catapulted into the air by the rockets under her boots.
    “Get back here!” Kaylee yelled, but to no avail. She sighed. “Oh well; we’ll get her later. But is it just me or was that a bit too easy for me?”
    Heather smiled. “Maybe your pokemon are just so strong.”
    Kaylee giggled. “Well, maybe.”
    After a moment of silence, Heather flinched. “Oh my gosh, I forgot! We need to get back to Koty, he could be in trouble.”

    “Okay Emboar, let’s start off with a Flamethrower!” On command, Koty’s Emboar kicked off the duo’s fight against Team Plasma’s Sentinel.
    “Bronzong, evade,” The steel bell followed its trainer’s order and floated out of the direction of the attack. “Now use Psychic.” Bronzong’s eyes began to glow red as it fired a pulsing wave of energy toward Emboar, but it disappeared upon contact. Sentinel raised an eyebrow. “Again,” he instructed. The action was performed again but to no avail. The attack should have done heavy damage. Koty grinned.
    “Get in quick and use Dark Pulse close range!” Koty exclaimed. Sentinel was confused and unable to think of how to handle what was happening. Then, in a flash, Emboar stood over the Bronzong with its fists open and unleashed a flurry of black rings. The Bronzong was able to raise itself back up into the air, although with much difficulty. It had taken more damage than it should have if it had expected a move like that even in the slightest.
    “W-What?” Sentinel stammered.
    “Alright, now let’s finish it. Use Flamethrower!” Without enough time to evade as it had done before, Bronzong took the hit fully. It did not get up again.
    Sentinel returned the fallen Bronzong. “How is that possible? Bronzong’s attacks should have done significant damage to your pokemon.”
    Koty’s grin remained present. “You’ll just have to figure it out,” he taunted. Sentinel shrugged as he took out another PokeBall and tossed it forward. What appeared then revealed itself to be a metallic quadruped with an “X” covering its face. A Metagross.
    “Bullet Punch,” Sentinel ordered without a second thought. The quadruped began to levitate and folded its legs into its sides. Before Koty could react, Emboar was pounded by the Metagross and fell to the ground. Then Emboar began to glow a shade of purple as it stood back up. It quickly faded, revealing a much thinner pokemon: a gray fox standing on its hind legs with its huge mane billowing in the wind.
    “I should have known. Your Emboar was really a Zoroark the whole time,” Sentinel said.
    “Cool, huh?” Koty said with a chuckle. He focused himself back on the battle. “Now, Zoroark, use Shadow Claw!” Being so close to the steel-type, Zoroark was able to strike before it or its trainer could react in time.
    “Great work, Zoroark. Now, use --!”
    He turned his head to see Kaylee calling his name with Heather running behind her. “Hey, took you long enough!” He called after them.
    “Metagross, Meteor Mash,” called the voice of Sentinel. Koty turned his head back to the battle to see Zoroark take a heavy hit and fall to the ground.
    “Zoroark!” He called. The dark-type tried to stand back up, but could not. Koty held up the monster’s PokeBall and called it back.
    Kaylee stood back as to not disrupt the battle any further. “S-Sorry...”
    “It’s okay,” Koty muttered as he reached for a PokeBall on his belt. “Help me out, Larvesta!”
    Kaylee and Heather shared the same shocked expression as the shape revealed itself on the field. “Koty, what are you thinking?!” Kaylee screeched. Koty smirked.
    “I have a good feeling about this, so let me do this, woman!” Kaylee nodded slowly, hiding her amusement when the moment was intended to be serious. “Larvesta, use Fire Spin!” The horns that encircled the bug’s head began to spew fire before sending those flames spiraling around the Metagross.
    “Use the attack to your advantage, Metagross. Use Fire Punch,” said Sentinel. The pokemon did as instructed and mentally lit its forearm on fire and increasing the power with the surrounding flames. Larvesta braced for the hit and, although it was a fire-type itself and should not be affected much by the attack, seemed to take heavy damage.
    “Larvesta, no!” Koty shouted.
    “Koty, just call it back! It can’t win yet!” Kaylee reasoned.
    Koty shook his head. “No way. I know this little guy can win, and I’ll make sure he does! Besides... this is a two-on-two battle. I’ve already used one,” he said sheepishly. Kaylee and Heather nearly fell over.
    “I hope he knows what he’s doing,” Heather muttered.
    “Metagross, hit it with a Zen Headbutt.”
    “Oh no you don’t! Larvesta, push it back with a Flamethrower!” Koty called. Surprisingly to the four trainers, the attack was much more powerful than what one would expect from a pokemon that size and was able to push the metal quadruped back a few feet. “Awesome! Now, Larvesta, get ready to... huh?”
    Just as the attack ceased, Larvesta began to become consumed in fire to the point of being invisible from outside the protective wall. The fiery cocoon grew and grew until it was taller than Koty. A light flashed and the flames dispersed, revealing a giant moth the size of a man. Its wings were orange and were arranged as to make it seem as though they were flames.
    “Whoa...” Koty, Kaylee, and Heather gaped in unison. The new Volcarona, evolved from Larvesta, at that point had an angered look in its eyes.
    Koty grinned. “Awesome, you evolved! Now,” he pointed at the Metagross, “use Flamethrower!” Without hesitation, Volcarona summoned embers to float around its body and expelled them in a powerful stream of fire. The Metagross was unable to dodge in time and took the hit. It was obvious that it was greatly damaged from the attack.
    “Metagross, Zen Headbutt; squash this pest now,” Sentinel nearly shouted. The metal quadruped did as before and tucked in its legs and charged into Volcarona.
    “Quick, Volcarona, use Hyper Beam!” Koty yelled. Just as he said this, a sphere of multi-colored energy formed in front of Volcarona. Right when Metagross was about to make contact, the sphere expelled a devastating blast of energy that sent it crashing into the cave wall behind it. Sentinel stared in shock. Koty, Kaylee, and Heather cheered.
    “Great work, Volcarona,” Koty patted the pokemon, who had become calm and seemed glad to hear the praise, and returned it to its PokeBall. Sentinel returned his pokemon as well.
    “You beat me,” Sentinel exhaled. But then the corner of his lip turned upward slightly. “But you still haven’t beaten all of us.”
    Everyone remained silent.
    “Xenos, our leader, should be here soon. In fact...” Sentinel turned to face the cave‘s entrance.
    “What is with all the noise?” The others turned in the same direction to see a shape emerge from the cave. “I get a report from Admin C that there’s trouble and then there’s a loud crash--” The shape, who was Xenos, as expected, feigned surprise. “Oh, it must have been you. I hope you’re ready for what’s about to happen, then.” He stepped forward with a smirk on his face.
    Behind him, two golden eyes pierced the darkness.

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    I love the way it turned out after like a week or 2 of planning it looks great Ryan! It was hard to keep a secret that larvesta was going to evolve
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    Wow! Well worth the wait. Keep it up.
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    Okay, now here's that announcement I mentioned before. The end is just about here. I want to thank everyone once again for following this story and giving feedback on it. Now I have talked with Dragax about whether or not I should expand my audience to other sites (namely and I'm planning on making a debut story to start with on there. I like this story and the characters but also feel like I should wrap this up and begin on a new one. As you can see I like mystery and the feeling of wondering what will happen next as you can see by my trademark cliffhangers. That will be what this next story will be focused on.
    I want you guys to decide before I write the final chapter to TPR: make a sequel to this or write a whole new fanfic.
    I don't want to do two fanfics at this time as I have begun making my own original story (feel free to ask me about that). I want that to be my main focus with one fanfic to work on the side (maybe two after a while but I doubt it). So I want to hear your guys' feedback on this.

    And now, I present to you the fifteenth chapter!

    Team Plasma Returns
    Chapter Fifteen

    “W-What is that?” Heather stammered in awe and fear. The piercing golden eyes seemed to enlarge as the sound of pounding footsteps grew louder. A craggy pointed face emerged from the darkness, followed by a long horizontal neck that connected the creature’s head to its body. It stood on two hind legs, with two scrawny smaller front legs that could not reach the ground. It flapped its uneven wings; its right wing and jaw, which were made of ice, were smaller and seemed to be broken. The beast roared.
    “This,” Xenos explained, “is Kyurem. A Pokemon hardly known of, even in Unova. I would have never guessed that Kyurem was the missing link in the story of Reshiram and Zekrom, but thanks to you we were able to get here before you.”
    “What do you mean?” Koty asked. “There was no way you could have known!”
    Xenos laughed. “You underestimate the kind of people I have recruited: talented trainers and spies alike. You’ve been followed the whole time, all of you, since the point you were separated after the incident at the Relic Castle.”
    Koty, Kaylee, and Heather remained silent.
    “Oh, Heather, don’t act like you didn’t know. It's your fault the spies were called upon in the first place,” Xenos taunted with a grin. Koty and Kaylee whipped their heads.
    “W-What? Heather, what’s he talking about?” Kaylee asked confusedly.
    “I-I...” Heather stuttered nervously. “I didn’t mean to... I mean I--”
    “Tell them the truth. I, myself, would like to hear this too.” Xenos said mockingly.
    Heather cleared her throat. “Well...”
    “Did he seriously think that I would believe him?” Heather thought aloud as she walked through the city with her Liepard at her side. “I mean, who does he think he is? We’re the ones helping Pokemon, aren’t we?” She looked to the feline, who was walking with a slight limp. She knelt down and picked out a berry she had picked in the forest earlier. “Sorry, I didn’t notice. You must have gotten hurt during the...” She paused, dumbstruck in realization. “...the battle at the Relic Castle.”
    She continued to heal the injured Liepard’s paw and patched it with a torn bit of the bottom of her pants before returning the purple feline to its PokeBall. She sighed. “I should really get some new clothes--” Just as she finished her sentence, there was a buzzing at her hip. She sighed again and unclipped the device and held it in front of her face. “This is H. What is it?”
    “Where are you?” Asked a rough feminine voice. Chloe. “I haven’t been able to reach you since the battle. What happened to you?”
    “I just got caught up in the blast between Reshiram and Zekrom. I’m fine, I finally got back to civilization.”
    “Good,” Chloe nodded from the tiny screen.
    “I need you on a mission: we need to take out the professor in Nuvema and steal as many of the Pokemon they have there so that we can build our numbers.”
    Heather’s eyes widened. “But wouldn’t that--”
    “Trust me, it’s for a good cause.”
    Heather opened her mouth to object, but heard a trash can fall over and turned around. “What --!” A man had appeared, whose appearance was undiscernable.
    “Hand it over!” The man ordered.
    “No, get away!” Heather tried her best to fight the man off.
    “H, what’s going on?” Chloe’s voice made itself able to be heard amongst the commotion. “I’ll send some reinforcements to you right away. And they’ll deal with that kid Xenos said you were fighting, too.” Heather was about to protest, but the struggle caused her grip to loosen and the communication device slipped free. It smashed on the pavement.
    “Heather!” Ryan’s voice came from the corner. The figure released her and ran off.

    Everyone remained silent and listened. Heather finished her story, “That was when Ryan had helped me, again no less. I didn’t really send the spies on Ryan or either of you two, Kaylee and Koty. Chloe took it upon herself because I could not answer. Please...” Heather bowed her head. “I’m sorry.”
    Koty chuckled. “Nice try.” Everyone stared at him in confusion. “I see what you‘re trying to do, Xenos. You‘re not going to turn us against each other.”
    “Koty...” Kaylee started.
    ”We‘ve come this far built on trust. We may have had some rocky beginnings but we‘ve all come together for one reason and that is to take you down. You can say what you want about what happened in the past, but you had your eyes on us the whole time.”
    Kaylee’s and Heather‘s eyes widened. “What do you mean?”
    “Think about it. How else could Team Plasma have known we were in the Relic Castle getting the orb that they didn‘t have? They needed someone to take the orb and awaken the dragon that they didn’t have, and that someone was me. They knew that Ryan would hear the conversation those two grunts were having in the Pokemon Center back in Undella. Team Plasma has had the whole past few days planned, if not the moment Kaylee and I left Straitron.”
    Silence. The faintest breeze passed by, yet it sounded so loud in comparison.
    Xenos chuckled. “So you figured it out. I wasn’t counting on you putting the pieces together so well.” He exhaled. “But I think it’s time that I be rid of you. Kyurem.” He held an arm out in the trio’s direction. “Obliterate them!”
    Kyurem stomped its foot, causing the glacier behind it to crumble and break into large, sharp pillars of ice. It used its power to levitate the fallen ice and then launch them toward Koty and the others.
    Heather was worried and had fallen to her knees. Koty was amazed by the power the dragon exhibited but was able to stand his ground with Kaylee holding onto him for support.
    A white blur flew in front of the array of icicles, paused, then sped up again. For some reason the attack began to follow the unknown being. Koty, Kaylee, and Heather watched in awe as the ice changed direction. The blur flew toward a spot where several figures stood.
    “Pull up, Togekiss!” A feminine voice called out. The blur, identified as a Togekiss, performed a ninety-degree angle, letting gravity take its course.
    “Ice Beam!”
    The icicles were destroyed instantly by the two familiar attacks.
    Xenos’ grin had faded. “What?” He stared into the distance where Taryn, Ryan, Riaz, and Damian stood with their respective Pokemon, ready for a fight. “I see... so you used Follow Me to lure the attack away then counter it.”
    Ryan and the others ran up to join Koty’s party.
    “You’re outnumbered, Xenos. Give up while you can,” said Ryan. It was true. The grunts that had come with Chloe were long gone. Even Sentinel was nowhere to be seen.
    “Oh, am I?” Xenos placed two fingers to his lips and whistled. Everyone stood in confusion. In a matter of seconds, an echoing roar ended the confused silence from over the mountainside. A white streak was seen flying over the mountain in the West.
    “Reshiram...” Kaylee examined.
    Then Taryn pointed to the sky. “Look! What’s that?” Following the white streak was a black one. “Wait... is that...?” Riaz asked, not believing what he saw.
    “Koty, how’d you summon Zekrom? I didn’t see you do anything,” Heather asked.
    Koty chuckled. “I don’t know either.”
    Ryan watched the two dragons as they flew into view while clashing with each other occasionally. “They must have been fighting on their own before Xenos called Reshiram,” he examined. “But it works out for us, too.”
    “Not quite.”
    Everyone directed their attention to Xenos, who took out a gray-colored stone and held it for all to see. Everyone’s eyes widened, except for Riaz, Taryn, and Damian because they had never seen it before.
    “Not again!” Kaylee cried.
    Xenos grinned as the other two dragons took their places facing each other. “What will you do? Will you send Zekrom away to avoid the recreation of the original dragon? But then you will be at a severe disadvantage against two legendary dragons.” He gestured to Reshiram and Kyurem. “Or would you rather take your chances against the true dragon?”
    Everyone stayed silent. Ryan and Koty exchanged glances and nodded.
    “Zekrom, cover Reshiram! We’ll get Kyurem,” Koty ordered. As he and Volcarona prepared for attack, along with everyone else and their pokemon.
    “Oh, no you don’t. I call upon the original dragon to return!” Xenos raised his hand in the air, then the stone began to float by itself. It started to glow once it had placed itself between the three dragons and in front of Xenos. In a flash the three dragons of fire, ice, and lightning became empty shapes of energy and were slowly sucked into the stone. Everyone watched in awe as the last bit of energy from each dragon was withdrawn into the stone. Then, the stone rumbled and a light emerged, taking shape into a new figure. Wings grew out that resembled billowing fire. Two arms formed, plated in flat armor like Zekrom’s. Most of its body was clad in ice. The engine that was its tail seemed to be Zekrom’s tail wrapped in Reshiram’s.
    “W-What is that thing?” Taryn stuttered in fear.
    Xenos grinned darkly. “This is the great dragon of legend. The unnamed Tao dragon that Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem originated from!”
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    Team Plasma Returns
    Chapter 16

    “No...” Kaylee stared in disbelief. A one-sided tension grew, as Xenos stood casually awaiting his opponents’ decision.
    “What’ll it be?” He began smugly. “You are all talented trainers in your own light, so I could use some high officers. Join under me, and your lives will be spared. You have my word.”
    The group remained silent until a shaky Heather stepped forward.
    “N-Never!” Everyone looked at her, startled by the outburst. “I will never go back to the way things were with Team Plasma! I know nobody else here will either, so I think it is you who should give up!”
    More silence. This time it was Xenos’ turn to break it.
    “So be it,” he said with a chuckle. “Great Kyurem, obliterate them!” Upon command, the giant dragon of fire, ice, and lightning raised itself to its full height and looked to the sky, a white ball of light beginning to form.
    Everyone stood still, afraid to do anything or wondering whether attacking would do a thing against the great beast.
    Koty tensed when he heard his name called. He turned to see Ryan. “How about a hand? I can’t take this down myself and neither can you.”
    Koty stood silent for a moment as he stared at him, then nodded and grinned. “Like old times.”
    “And what about me?” Riaz’s voice broke in. “I’m not going to let myself be left out of a fight like this.” Ryan nodded approval, as did Koty.
    Ryan smirked. “Then let’s get ready. Jolteon,” he motioned his electric fox to prepare itself for the final battle. Koty and Riaz did the same with Volcarona and Weavile, respectively. Everyone else prepared one each of their Pokemon as well in case they would be needed.
    “We’re ready for you, Xenos!” Koty called.
    Xenos grinned. “The power of the three sacred elements, mixed with a heavy dragon influence, in one attack will send you to Oblivion!” Xenos extended an arm forward. “Elemental Blast!” Great Kyurem then bent over again and unleashed the powerful beam toward the group of young trainers.
    “Then we’ll create an Elemental Blast of our own!” Koty yelled. “Flamethrower!”
    “Ice Beam!”
    Volcarona, Jolteon, and Weavile fired off their attacks, combining before coming into contact with Great Kyurem’s blast and forming a white light as did the original attack. For a moment, the two attacks seemed to be at a stalemate, but the artificial Elemental Blast was immediately shot back with great force. The three trainers stood in shock and pressed their Pokemon to put more power into their attacks.
    “Ninetales, you use Flamethrower too!” Kaylee commanded.
    “Don’t let him win, Liepard! Dark Pulse!” Heather yelled.
    “We need to help, too! Hyper Beam, Gyarados!” Damian called.
    “Galvantula, Thunderbolt! Xenos can’t beat us!” Taryn instructed.
    The attacks pushed through along with the first three beams and put the mix of attacks at a stalemate once more. This time, to the trainers’ excitement, their attacks proved to be stronger and pushed Great Kyurem’s Elemental Blast back toward it.
    “Oh please, do you really think that is all Great Kyurem is capable of?” The trainers’ eyes widened. “Elemental Blast, full power!” The dragon opened its mouth wider, focusing its energy into a bigger and more powerful beam.
    The two sides struggled for a moment, then Great Kyurem’s attack proved stronger once more, inching its way to the other side of the field.
    Heather began to shake. She held on to Kaylee to keep herself up, but Kaylee began to realize the situation: Great Kyurem was too powerful for them to handle.
    “As you can see now, it’s not just a matter of ‘letting me win.’ It’s about you accepting your loss!” Xenos laughed. “Finish them!”
    “No way.” All averted their attention to Ryan. “I’ve worked to hard in my life for it to end like this... to someone like you. No matter what challenge, no matter how strong the opponent, my Pokemon and I will never give up!” He extended an arm forward. “Give it everything you’ve got, Jolteon! If we go down, we go down fighting!”
    At that moment, the amount of electricity that Jolteon expelled caused the ground around it to crack as Jolteon tensed its body further. Every one of the trainers were astounded; even Xenos raised his eyebrows, impressed.
    “We’ve got this, Volcarona!” Koty cheered. “Flamethrower, no holding back!” The flames that surrounded the giant moth grew thicker and hotter, resulting in a more powerful attack as Volcarona sent it toward Great Kyurem.
    “Don’t let them show us up, Weavile! Ice Beam, full power!” Upon Riaz’s command, Weavile planted itself more firmly on the ground and focused a more powerful blue beam of icy energy.
    There was a struggle. Great Kyurem’s attack had stopped pushing forward. It now seemed evenly matched. The beam had broken the balance in the middle once more, heading back toward Xenos and the elemental dragon.
    “What!?” Xenos stood baffled by what he saw before him.
    “Give it one last push!” The three trainers cried in unison. Their attacks, now overpowering Great Kyurem’s, inched its way back to it.
    “T-This cannot be happening!” Xenos began to shake, barely able to hold himself up. Great Kyurem itself seemed surprised as well. “Nooooo--!” Great Kyurem’s attack had been finally pushed back. All that could be heard were Great Kyurem’s roar of defeat mixed in with Xenos’ shout in denial.
    “...w-we... we did it...” Koty panted. He dropped to one knee with a grunt of pain. He then pet his beloved Pokemon. “Great work, Volcarona.” The moth seemed exhausted as well and exhibited a sign of acceptance.
    “Awesome, as always, Jolteon --hey!” Ryan praised his Pokemon as he knelt down to its level, only to have Jolteon jump up and lick his face. He laughed, as did the others. He glanced over at Riaz, who was tending to his Weavile.
    “Well, we won...” Taryn started.
    “So... what now?”

    “Do you really have to go?” Heather asked sorrowfully.
    Ryan nodded. “Yeah, I have to get home in Kanto. You guys all have your own business to take care of here in Unova, right?” Koty and Kaylee looked at each other and nodded, as did Riaz with Taryn and Damian. Heather looked away.
    “W-Well... not so much for me. Team Plasma messed everything up for me,” she explained. A tear came to her eye.
    “Aw, how about you stay with me?” Kaylee offered as she took Heather’s hand.
    Heather blinked. “What? You mean it?” Kaylee nodded. “B-But... I don’t want to be an intrusion.”
    Kaylee smiled. “It’s the least I can do! I help run a Gym, remember? There’s plenty of room for you!”
    Heather returned the smile. “Thank you--”
    The horn to the boat sounded. “Guess I should be going, then.” Ryan gave his final goodbyes as he boarded the ship back to Kanto. The ship began to depart, turning out to the sea. All of the trainers turned to leave for their respective homes.
    “Heeeey!” Everyone whipped around to see Ryan waving to them. “I’ll be back when I can! Don’t get too bored without me, okay? And don’t forget to train, Riaz, Koty; don’t disappoint me when we have our rematches!”
    Koty grinned. “Heck yeah, I will! And I know Riaz here will, too!” Riaz nodded with a smirk.
    After a while, the boat was no longer seen and everyone had left for their homes around Unova... and to continue their lives.

    Their lives in the world... of Pokemon.


    Well, how'd you like the finale to Team Plasma Returns? First story I ever finished and I'm almost ready to start my next. I won't be doing a sequel at this time in case any of you are wondering. I might in the future but don't get your hopes up. Like I said several times throughout my updates, thank you my followers. This took almost a full year to complete and I'm glad it's over. Though now it's kind of strange, like when you finish a game or book or whatever that you have been playing/reading for so long... and now it's over. Maybe it's just me. Oh well. I'll keep on writing, so I'll keep you all posted on whatever I start next.

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