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Thread: The Internationals Presents: Snowy Snorunt and Froslass

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    Default The Internationals Present: Snorunt and Froslass

    Alias: Furious Angel
    Mission: Classified.
    Journal Entries: 1114-1121

    Nov 28: I am on a plane. Before I got on the plane, I was handed my assignment. I am not to open it until I get to my destination. My superiors didn’t tell me where I was going but I was told to dress warm… very warm. I have packed up my gear. I am ready for anything. Well, just about everything. I was told that I was allowed to bring 3 Pokémon with me. I’m comfortable with the 3 I brought with me. I just hope they’re comfortable with what we will soon be up against. I wonder what awaits me at my destination. Whatever my mission is, it must be a dangerous to have sent me.

    Nov 29: I was dropped on a mountain. I have no idea as to where my location is exactly. This Blizzard makes it impossible to see. I’m just glad I was prepared and dressed warm. With the help of Memphis and Roxy, I was able to find a cave-like crack in the mountain. After starting a fire, I opened the envelope that contained my assignment. I was surprised at what I had read. I remember watching the news, before I was recruited for this mission, about how ghost-type Pokémon had mysteriously began to disappear. My mission is to find the missing Pokémon.

    I was unable to sleep. All I could think about were the missing Pokémon. As I read through my mission packet, I realized that it wasn’t just one or two missing Pokémon but many. This was Global.

    Nov 30: There is no end to this Blizzard. I had Memphis use Ice Beam to make a wall at the entrance. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. There’s nothing to do but wait; wait and plan our strategy. According to the map in the packet, there is an enemy base at the foot of the mountain. I won’t be able to tell where it is until this Blizzard lifts. For now I’ll just enjoy the company of my Pokémon.

    Again, I am unable to sleep. This Blizzard only seems to be getting worse. There’s something about his Blizzard that make Memphis and Roxy uneasy. I feel it too. It’s almost… unnatural.

    Nov 31: The Blizzard has stopped! We begin to find our way down the mountain.

    Dec 4: We’ve made it safely down the mountain. We had a couple close calls but nothing serious. I’ve been having trouble trying to find the enemy base. I guess that the snow must have covered it up. We will have a look around before we set up camp.

    I am exhausted. There is no sign of a building anywhere. However, we did find a set of footprints. The weird thing is that they led to the middle of nowhere. The tracks just ended. We are moving our camp to a place near the tracks, later tonight. Hopefully, whoever made those tracks will come back.

    I was awoken by Roxy when she heard footsteps outside. So I went to have a look. It was a man. A man in a white camouflage uniform with the letter “R” patched onto his left arm. I was about run after him when he stopped, in mid-step, reached down into the snow, and stood right back up. Then, out of snow, rose an elevator-like cage. The man then stepped inside and the cage dropped back down, into the snow. I ran up to where the man stood and before I could figure out how to bring the cage back up, Roxy ran up and stepped on the trigger button as she did. The cage rose, same as before and opened its doors to me. I called Roxy back into her Pokéball, stepped inside the cage, and down the cage went. As soon as the elevator stopped and opened its doors; I hid behind the nearest source of cover I could find and found a closet. Just when I thought I was safe to wander out, a couple of “R” patched underlings were making their way towards me. In my haste to get back into the closet, I got tangled up in the clothes that hung in the closet, and was approached by the two underlings. As I looked up at them, they smiled and began to laugh. They thought I was a new recruit and cracked jokes about the way I dressed. I played along, changed into the uniform that I was tangled up in and followed them. I had no idea how big this base was but the size of the enemy’s base wasn’t the only thing that caught my attention. After a long walk, we had arrived in some sort of laboratory: Project 491. This laboratory was split up into two big rooms. The first room held two kinds of Pokémon, looking miserable in cages. The ones on the left were labeled: Experiment 361 and the ones on the right were labeled: Experiment 478. The second room was labeled: Top Secret and wasn’t allowed access but at least I have found them! The missing Pokémon! The Pokémon also explained the force behind the Blizzard. I was assigned to watch over the Pokémon overnight and was able to gain the Pokémons’ trust. Before I captured them in Pokéballs, the Pokémon each made a duplicated of itself, like a Substitute. This way, the enemy wouldn’t notice the missing Pokémon. As soon as I was finished capturing the last Pokémon, I began to make my escape! I made my way back to the closet and thought I had gone unnoticed, that was, until the alarms started going off. I started making my way towards the elevator and was spotted by an underling. So, I ignored him and began to walk faster, by then he began to run after me. So I ran. I finally got to the elevator and as I waited for the cage to arrive, the underling had caught up to me. Then, out pops one of the Pokémon from its Pokéball and sets up Spikes on the floor, as if to stop the underling from getting to us. As soon as the caged arrived, I scooped up the Pokémon in my arms and stepped inside the cage. My heart raced as the elevator rose. Once the elevator reached the top, I bolted out and headed straight towards camp. Again, I heard the sound of people behind me and again a Pokémon popped out of its Pokéball. This time, the Pokémon made the sky rain down Hail. The Hail heavily pelted my pursuers and was left alone. I am safe at camp.

    Dec 6: I am safe at my base camp. I have saved 12 Pokémon from the evil clutches of the enemy. Memphis is keeping the Timid Pokémon safe while Roxy is on patrol. I also have Ares scouting from above. I have called my superiors and told them about my find. I can’t help but wonder what the reason is behind kidnapping these Pokémon. Whatever the reason may be, it can’t be good. I’m just glad to be leaving this mountain soon. We are going home!

    We are no ordinary people. We have been put into a class all our own. We fight the good fight and together we shall prevail. We are…

    The Internationals


    Pokémon: Snorunt/Froslass
    Nature: Timid

    • · Spikes
    • · Substitute
    • · Hail
    • · Blizzard

    Ability: Inner Focus/Ice Body
    Name: No names but are “Nickname-able”

    Snorunt (Male)
    1. Ice Body - *Reserved for: Element:Rain*
    2. Ice Body - *Reserved for: cowmoo83*
    3. Inner Focus - *Reserved for: Bobreeder*
    4. Inner Focus - *AppleThief reserved for: Rolytic*
    5. Ice Body - *Vorst reserved for: meeker*
    6. Inner Focus - *Hiko reserved for: Pikadude609

    Froslass (Female)
    1. Inner Focus - *Ladrona reserved for: Trombones13*
    2. Inner Focus - *Neschume reserved for: pikaluva13*
    3. Inner Focus - *Reserved for: Killerjeff88*
    4. Inner Focus - *Sedusa reserved for: Crymzon1980*
    5. Ice Body - *Reserved for: MissingNo*
    6. Ice Body - *Reserved for: blastburn*

    Contact Info
    thefuriousangel: 4424 9738 0329

    PM to schedule a pick up.

    Notice: Civilians
    Please be advised to carefully look over the other associates' event to claim your Pokémon.
    Pokémon Event: Duskull

    Pokémon Event: Gastly
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    yay! awesome event.
    3. Inner Focus - please ^_^

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    1. Inner Focus -
    Nickname: Ladrona

    Thanks! ^_^
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    2. Inner Focus -

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    Geat job on eventy!!! Keep up the good work 4. Inner Focus - Please? NN: Sedusa

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    Wow! Amazing event, Jenny!

    I'll take this lil' dude:

    2. Ice Body -

    Credits go to n0t and thefuriousangel.

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    May I have 6. Inner Focus - please. Can you please name it Hiko. Thank you

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    Can I have
    4. Inner Focus - (male)
    Nickname: AppleTheif
    You can call me Py. It's short for Pyrolytic. If you need anything, or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me. I'm not active on Skype, but AIM is fine if you introduce yourself first.

    Where else can you find me/other screen names?
    dA: Rolytic
    LoL, formspring: PyBear
    WoW: (Dentarg - H - Narglax)

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    I'd love to include this dude into my team:
    3. Inner Focus -
    Please I will contact you on Skype regarding pickup etc. if it's okay.

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    6. Ice Body -
    Nice event!

    Need something to heat you up for free.
    Here are some options:
    Torchik:Coming soon!
    Chimchar:Coming soon!
    Charmander:Coming soon!

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