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Thread: Shayden's Pokemon Emporium!

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    Default Shayden's Pokemon Emporium!

    Shayden's Pokemon Emporium!
    Hey it's Shayden here, I decided what better to do with all my extra pokemon kicking around then pawn them off to the poor saps that receive them. Im going to list all my pokemon for trade, then you can offer me.

    EV trained Pokemon:

    (Jolly, 311/309/146/185/136/361) Crunch/Waterfall/Bulk up/IcePunch

    (Adamant, 291/317/349/113/186/227) EQ/Aerial ace/Roost/S-dance

    (Calm, 261/157/146/348/339/216) Sleep powder/Grass knot/HiddenPower/ToxicSpikes

    (Jolly, 250/322/152/93/196/368 ) Swords Dance/Ice Punch/Nightslash/Brick Break Level 100/ EV trained.

    (Adamant, 262/394/236/131/196/219) Xscissor/Superpower/Bulletpunch/Roost

    (Modest, 337/295/196/309/182/259) Fire blast/Dragon pulse/Heat wave/Thunder Fang

    (Quirky, 262/177/181/301/227/278 ) CalmMind/Hyper Beam/GrassKnot/Psychic

    (Gentle, 697/29/46/181/327/120) Softboiled/Ice beam/Flamethrower/Toxic

    (Relaxed, 231/234/405/163/269/108 ) Willowisp/ShadowSneak/IcePunch/Pain Split


    MYSTRY-Mew, Jolly. Pound/Transform/Surf Level 10/ Untouched.

    WSHMKR-Jirachi, Quiet. Wish/Confusion/Rest Level 5/ Untouched.

    WORLD09-Weaville, Adamant. Fakeout/Ice Shard/Nightslash/Brick Break Level 100/ EV trained.

    TRU-Shaymin, Bold. Seed Flare/Aromatheraby/Substitute/Energy Ball Level 50/Untouched

    Movie Arceus! Gentle. Judgement/Roar of time/Spacial rend/Shadow force. Level 100/EV trained.

    Regigigas, Latios, Latias, Maril, Golem, Lickitung, Sudowudo, Psyduck, Charizard.

    Thank you for taking a look at my trading thread.

    Platinum: Shayden- 0904 1623 7274

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    Many of these are shinies and event Pokemon. Please check them through the Hacked Pokemon Helper first--once they pass, you may trade them. Until then, I'm going to close this thread. Thanks for your cooperation.

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