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Thread: Etched in Steel - Forge Gym Battle Record

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    Default Etched in Steel - Forge Gym Battle Record

    This will be the official record of badge battles here at the Forge Gym.

    22 Wins, 7 Losses, 2 Draws, 0 Technical Faults
    __________________________________________________ ________

    ~ Matt42: 5-0, Your team is a strong one. I think I just used a strategy you didn't expect
    ~ Empoleon76: 3-0, Very good fight! I can see why you have won all those awards! If Calypso had just a couple fewer HP I may not have made it!
    ~ Sauske715: 4-0, An excellent battle. If you had not forgotten to give a critical berry to Dopa you likely would not have falled to Calypso's sweep.
    ~ RJ61: 3-0, Cambrien got very lucky with a flinch on one of your pokes followed by a crit on another. I doubt I will be that lucky a second time.
    ~ Baguio: 1-0, A very close battle! Your Special Sweepers are fearsome indeed.
    ~ S Tailor: 3-0, Great battle! I was a bit worried when Weedkiller survived Mokugyo's big attack. I feel like Cambrien was the one that allowed me to get back in the game.
    ~ Pikalova13: 0-3, An excellent team, and you know when to switch out. Congradulations on winning the badge!
    ~ Slizer107: 0-0, DRAW!!, Wow, these are rare in gym challanges! I let you stat up too much, but I was unwilling to switch my lead out. Let's see how we do next week!
    ~ ShadowMario: 0-2, I can honestly say yours is a team full of unexpected suprises. I commend your dedication.
    ~ Empoleon76: 2-0, You got much closer this week. I'm sure I won't be able to hold you off forever.
    ~ Cinder: 2-0, I'm really impressed with your team. Lots of synergy. I'm sure it won't go as well for me next week.
    ~ RJ61: 1-0, Wow! They don't get much closer than that Nuriev had less than 1/3 HP after The Sting's last attack. Great Battle!
    ~ Empoleon76: 0-3, Third time is the charm!
    ~ Baguio: 2-0, You have a strong team. If you can learn to switch out when it's time you will be unstoppable.
    ~ Matt42: 6-0,You still haven't found a way around my strategy, but I'm sure the third time will be the charm.
    ~ Matt42: 4-0,You are getting closer and closer....
    ~ Sauske715: 0-1, You have an excellent strategy & predict better than most. I feel no shame at all in awarding you the Shiny Badge
    ~ Run_Bubba_Run: 0-1, two in a row . But seriously, very nice battle!
    ~ Baguio: 3-0, I think Cambrian surprised you there. Otherwise you gave as good as you got!
    ~ Trombones13: 2-0, An excellent match. I feel I got really lucky having just the right move to deal with Blues.
    ~ Matt42: 1-0, Excellent use of H1N1 (cute name BTW) to disrupt my opening. That made this a real match
    ~ KillerJeff88: 0-1, I made mistakes, you didn't. A badge to the better player.
    ~ Baguio: 2-0, Very intense and much closer than the results show. Your very old school team really worked me over.
    ~ Trombones13: 5-0, I think ElGuapo's Lum berry threw off your rhythm. After that I think my speed won more than anything.
    ~ Matt42: 4-3, COMMUNICATIONS ERROR ! That was really unfortunate. Arashi really worked me over and it was anyone's match
    ~ Trombones13: 0-0, DRAW!!, Whew, they don't get any closer than that!!! Chevalier almost had me.
    ~ Trombones13: 1-0, You know my team, my tricks don't surprise you, at this point it's just a matter of time...
    ~ Vasden2: 2-0, You brought a lot of power to the match, you just didn't have a way around Shinkansen.
    ~ Matt42: 0-1, The fifth times the charm! Congratulations on your shiny badge!
    ~ Trombones13: 3-0, I think a well-timed Explosion may have saved me this week.
    ~ RJ61: 4-0, Once I get setup things got rough for you, but you have an original team & know how to use them.
    ~ Baguio: 0-1, Your prediction skills won this one for you! A shiny badge well earned
    ~ Hoby123: 0-4, Your entire team seemed to be built around the same strategy as mine. No coming back from that....
    ~ Trombones13: 1-0, This was our closest match in a while. Berloiz really put a hurting on me.
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