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Thread: Favorite Gym Leader

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    Default Favorite Gym Leader

    So... I was just thinking while mindlessly going up and down through Solaceon town and I came up with (what I think is) an interesting question. Who is your favorite gym leader? Is it Flannery, the fiery mistress? Watson, the power tank of the mauville city gym? Or is it Brock, the rock-hard gym leader?

    So... choose your favorite from each region and then choose an overall champion and make sure to explain why for each choice.

    I'll start....

    Kanto- I don't really like many gym leaders from Kanto, but my favorite is probably Erika mostly because she uses grass types... I unno, I just like her the most, however, she is definitely my least favorite of my favorites.

    Johto- No doubt, my favorite is Whitney because she uses miltank and resides in Goldenrod city, my favorite city in the game. However, almost every gym leader from here is on my list of the best gym leaders. Who could forget Pryce or Claire?

    Hoenn- My favorite is probably Wallace just because he seemed like the coolest... and his team was awesome...

    Sinnoh- Byron, cause he is just awesome-looking >.> Who doesn't like a dude with a shovel (lol)

    Overall winner- no doubt Whitney because of Miltank and just how awesome she is :P Many of the other gym leaders from Johto come in close second, but the other regions don't really come that close... Johto FTW!

    Credits go to n0t and thefuriousangel.

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    poll maybe?

    anywho, i really like volkner from Sunyshore city. I like the overall character design and his character in the game, young blood that has done it all, looking for the next best fight his challengers bring.
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    Hmm, let me see...

    Kanto-I would have to go with Sabrina. I love how she uses psychic types and she just looks awesome!

    Johto-I have to go with Morty. He uses my favorite type and I think his hair is funny.

    Hoenn-Flannery, i'm not sure why but I used to have so much trouble trying to beat her. Plus i'm not a fan of other Hoenn leaders.

    Sinnoh-FANTINA! My favorite of favorites. She uses my favorite type and she has fun doing it.

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    Ohhh I thought this was about pokefarm *coughsvotepaiopacoughough* LOL

    I'd have to say my favorite was Brock from Kanto.

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    For me...
    KANTO- Definitely Blaine. Uses one of my three favourite team types, and has one of my fave pokemon, Arcanine...

    JOHTO- Hmmm... I would say Claire, but the teams repetitive... So it'll have to be Bugsy, its a relatively easy team to beat and has Scyther, which I never expected when i first played the game.

    HOENN- Norman.... Vigoroth/Slaking FTW!

    SINNOH- Maylene. Lucario is brilliant and Veilstone is one of my favourite cities in the game.
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    Misty's sisters; duH! lol... Oh are we talking the games? Hmm...

    Kanto: Have a lot of respect for them all, so never really decided to be honest, I like them all.

    Johto: Chuck is too funny to pass up. Whitney and Falkner aren't too bad either.

    Hoenn: Wattson, Flannery and Norman I guess.

    Sinnoh: Gardenia is probably the only one I like so far out of them.

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    My favourite's are all Kanto gym leaders.

    Misty, followed by Sabrina, followed by Erika.

    They were all radd, and i think there's a certain stigma attached from being a kid watching the show religiously.

    Although i can always remember the first time i saw the episode where Ash challenged Erika;

    When she says, "OHH, TANGELA, STUN SPORE!"

    Even as a little kid i can remember sitting there in utter bewilderment with a face similar to: O_______>


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    Kanto - Giovanni. He's ruthless, uses powerful Ground Pokes and once used Mewtwo. Him or Sabrina.

    Jhoto - Morty's Gym was great. Hopefully in Heartgold/Soulsilver it'll be tougher and more confusing. Still like Pryce...

    Hoenn - Tate and Liza, the Double Battlers. In Emerald, they're Pokes are pretty tough. I know he's not a Gym Leader, but Drake was awesome.

    Sinnoh - Tough one. No one really sticks out...

    Here's an idea: a Gym with no specific type.

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    I like...

    Kanto - I love Koga. Hate his pokemon, but love the character. I like the gym puzzle too. I remember spending hours trying to find my way around until I noticed the little white lines.

    Jhoto - Gotta love Pryce. Piloswine FTW. LE GASPPP.... I FORGOT JASMINE!!!! first time ever being scared of a pokemon: Steelix. Creeped me out. I still remember it being like 10 levels higher than me.

    Hoenn - Winona. Just... idk. (If elite 4 count, Sydney is good too.)

    Sinnoh - Gotta be Wake. Just because of the parody of Tyson trying to be his apprentice, and the whole theme song. Funny...
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    *Squeals* Gym Leaders FTW!

    For Kanto, I always loved Erika. She was so graceful and used grass type pokemon and I love grass type pokemon.

    For Johto, eventhough I'm not familiar with any of them, I'll go with Jasmine because she has cool hair.

    In Hoenn, you can't go wrong with Flannery. XD

    For Sinnoh (and this is a huge shock for everybody, I know) my favorite is Roark. I used to adore Volkner because he reminded me of David Bowie, but Roark is my favorite because he wears glasses and has cute hair. ^_^

    As for the Orange League in the anime, I'll go with Sissy.
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