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Thread: Boulder Gym Festival You make the Team Contest!

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    Ill sign up. If you dont mind.
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    Sorry, seems like I was unable to work on it between when I asked for the redo, and the end. So, is it okay if you guys use the copy i sent you the first time?
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    yeap, we'll be using your first entry then meeks. I will be closing this thread now, since last night was the deadline. IF ANYONE PMs us with another entry, we will not look at it and it will be deleted.
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    This is way way WAY late, and I apologize, but We finally have results for this contest.

    Bumbee has won with the following entry!!

    Calm (+SpDef,-Atk)
    Serene Grace
    252 HP/252 SpDef/6 Def

    Water Pulse

    Togekiss has a high base SpDef of 115 so it would be able to take quite a bit of attacks from special sweepers. This Togekiss is made to force switching on your opponent and when used with toxic spikes and SR support it may destroy an entire team. Substitute and Roost/Wish is there to prolong Fluffy's life. The decision between Roost and Wish is really up to you. If you need more team support then Wish would be better however Roost will remove it's Ice/Elec/Rock weakness for 1 turn. Charm will be used to force switch on physical sweepers. With Serene Grace, Water Pulse will have 40% chance of confusing wich would also make your opponent want to switch. The EVs and nature are in place to survive as many special attacks as possible. Even a Thunder from a Modest Porygon-Z@choice Spec will not be able to OHKO Fluffy(you probably wont ever see 1 of these anyways). You will be able to just roost/sub according to stall out all special sweepers and let poison from toxic spikes kill them or confusion from water pulse when you get the chance. As for taunters, they would have to switch in on a sub and most of them will not carry the attack to put a dent in the sub so it would have to be followed by another switch giving Fluffy a 68% chance to confuse the pokemon before they are able to get through the sub(asuming they break it in 1 hit and go first)
    p.s. I failed at thinking up of a nickname lol and this will probably end up as a farm event for me .

    Look for revelp8 and I to each have a Fluffy available for us to use very soon!!

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