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  1. MissingNo.
    How'd you do on the Bocce Challenge Mode? I can't seem to get even close to the 3-Stars
  2. lil_ash
    I've only got 1 star, 1300 points. Im stuck on the silver cup of Bocce, level 3 (I think) with the odd shaped playing area? Can't get the ball anywhere near...
  3. MissingNo.
    Heh, Bocce only gets harder after that. I'm super frustrated with Gladiator. I'm in the Silver Cup and have beaten this girl, think its the third one, but I'm having so much trouble getting the third star. I've been taking a break from Sports Champions since Sonic Adventure was released. That's a fun little game with trophy support too!
  4. lil_ash
    I'm up to match 6, on Gladiator, I've only got 2 stars on the previous ones. If I manage to win the silver cup, I'll go back and re-do them to try and get 3 stars.
    Ah, I love Sonic. I'm really bad at playing the newer games.
  5. MissingNo.
    This one is a Dreamcast release on PSN for $10. I think its my favorite Sonic.
  6. HMTKSteve
    I picked up the Move bundle with the 320GB PS3.

    I have to say that the disc golf and archery are fun.
  7. MissingNo.
    Those two are also my favorites on Sports Champions. The two combined however can make you terribly sore.
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