1. MissingNo.
    Who's your favorite Playable Character and why?

    Mine is obviously Mordecai, the Hunter. He was the first character I played as. Pre-Knoxx, he is the best character in the game. Bloodwing can be made to be amazingly strong, OHKOing many threats at a time. The bonus Pistol, Sniper, and Acid skills make him unbeatable by any NPC. His rival in the game has to be Lilith, the only one who stands a chance in a duel. The Hunter can OHKO any Playable character with Bloodwing, pre-Knoxx of course.
  2. Viperizer
    Mine is Modecai to because i am amazed at how good acid bloodwing is he one hit killed a Bruiser!
  3. MissingNo.
    Acid is Mordecai's favorite flavor. With the right stat distribution, a good Assassin mod, and a Defiler, Mordecai and Bloodwing destroy the Crimson Lance. Mordecai is purely offense, having no way to raise its HP or Shield capacity. Therefore, its always nice to play with a Brick. Mordecai and Brick make a great team, as does Lilith and Roland.
  4. Viperizer
    Can't wait for DLC 4!!!
  5. MissingNo.
    DLC4 is just as bad as General Knoxx. It will distribute the rest of the Skill Points, removing any customization. DLC3&4 are garbage, ruins the longevity of the game, and aren't recommended.
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