Say Hey. Are we PSN Friends?

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  1. lil_ash
    been playing a bit of Killzone. After I figured out the controls it was quite good. I've not been online yet, but I'll probably go on tomorrow. So far so good.
  2. MissingNo.
    Each control scheme for Killzone are quite difficult to master, especially if you're playing other shooters. It was so difficult for me that I stopped playing it right away because I just couldn't get it. But I went back to it and eventually got it down. I read that Guerrilla wanted to create the control schemes to be more realistic, more difficult, and that it was necessary to create the RL feel of the game.
  3. cyndaman
    Hi, everybody!
    So, I've only just discovered I have fellow PlayStation Revolutionaires here of PF!
    So, if you could, add me as a friend, and we caqn play together!
    My username is alexx999
    I'm a huge fan of Call of Duty, both WaW and MW2, and today Mr. MissingNo and Koty got me way into Borderlands. I'm also a fan of Battlefield: BC2, and I own a couple of other games I don't usually play too much...
    Can you tell I love shooters?
    Actually, tomorrow I'm getting either Red Dead Redemption, or Resonance of Fate (New RPG)
    I'm not sure COMPLETELY yet, but it's a possibility.
    Well, hope to see ya playin'!
    Maybe we could all go for a romp on MW2 in a party sometime!
  4. MissingNo.
    You honestly won't catch me on MW2. I hate it more than any game available on the PS3. If you want a shooter, Killzone is the game to look for.
  5. Viperizer
    Hey Jesse and Alexx up for a game of BL tomorrow?
  6. MissingNo.
    Ready when you are.
  7. lil_ash
    I've been playing Killzone a bit more lately, I'm getting the hang of it. I've been trying to play online but I'm having internet issues (something to do with a splitter box).

    But I have just bought Red Dead Redemption, which so far is really good, not sure what the online is like (due to loosing connection every 3 minutes).
  8. MissingNo.
    A few of us have been on Borderlands quite often lately. Killzone is great when you know someone to play with, and they know what they're doing half the time. XD I need to go online more often to unlock the different medals.
  9. lil_ash
    I've looked for Borderlands everywhere, but no one seems to sell it..
    I'm quite enjoying Red Dead Redemption, you can tell it's made by Rockstar. It's almost exactly the same as Grand Theft Auto but you ride horses.

    I should be able to play online next week. My internet was worse than expected, the router has broke and I'm waiting for the new one to arrive. So I have no internet..
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