People Who Miss Nak

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  1. poke master
    poke master
    even though i hardly knew her i checked her profile and saw all the posts and threads that she made i relized that she was very important to pokefarm.
  2. becnoir
    I miss Nak very much.
  3. cowmoo83
    Well, hopefully you're right, Joinred!
  4. Bobreeder
    Nak, come back! We all miss you
  5. Gamegeezer
    Wow, 19 pages about her. I'm sure she'll be happy to hear about it when she gets home from work later. Surprised to see people still posting.
  6. benjbed
    I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss Nak ... she's the very first person i met on pokefarm.

    Why did she left ?
  7. razorbeam
    just wanted to express how i miss her wherever you are and whatever you are doing. we love and miss you
  8. S Tailor
    S Tailor
    I miss nak
  9. Jats605
    I wont leave this group untill Nak gets back (if she does)and also, its very easy to rhyme "nak" with stuff :+)
  10. Jats605
    Well, we had you back on skype 4 a while :s You Promised!
    >.< Well you did lol
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