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  1. meeker
    Extended PokeFarm League

    Rate My Team
    Post your team and see how well it would perform, and maybe get some critiques in there as well.

    Info on Pokemon Chat to follow
  2. meeker
    Pokémon Chat
    I think this is obvious

    Pokémon Questions and Answers
    ask a question...get it answered

    Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Chat
    Chat about the games and ask questions

    R/S/E/LG/FR Chat
    Chat about the games and ask questions

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
    Chat about the games and ask questions

    Pokemon Ranger
    Chat about the games and ask questions

    Anime Chat
    Chat about the Anime here

    Fan Art
    Here you can post fan art, as well as participate in sprite and icon contests

    Fan Fiction
    Make up stories about the pokemon world and post here

    Other Chatz
    anything else about pokemon that you want to talk here

    Pokefarm Games
    With all these creative minds, you bet there are some games to play.

    Other Resources to follow
  3. meeker
    Other Resources
    Useful links and other tools here

    Great Tools/Info
    Find tools that will help you navigate throughout the site

    General Discussion to follow
  4. meeker
    General Discussion
    Just other stuff, and rare occasions

    PokeFarm's Holiday Spectacular
    Winter holiday related events occur here

    Happy Birthday
    Wish it to the one it belongs to

    PokeFarm Awards
    Special awards given out to certain members for being totally awesome

    Non-Pokémon Stuff
    Pretty much any thing Non-Pokémon related

    Super Smash Bros.
    apparently we got more fan than you would here
  5. meeker
    Team Rocket

    A new section to the forum, this catagory is used to discuss everything about the game Team Rocket, which can be found HERE.
    General Gripes:
    Talk about the game and stuff here.


    Quite obvious; suggest ideas.


    Help other members with a friendly guide


    Discuss Battles and such here.
  6. meeker
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Attention! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    All Pokefarm League Gyms, as well as the Little Battle Gym, have officially been renamed to create a more original forum.
  7. meeker
    Due to multiple renovations made to the forum, this discussion will need to total makeover. I'll be starting a new one soon.
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