Shoddy Lounge

  1. S Tailor
    S Tailor
    I play shoddy. This idea was already brought up, but I think we should have a pokefarm shoddy server
  2. S Tailor
    S Tailor
  3. Gouswer
    I attempted to make my own shoddy server today .-. . I got up to the part where I started my server through the Services CP but didn't know what to do after that =p.
  4. S Tailor
    S Tailor
    *sigh* You need a good understanding of IP and Servers...err... things
  5. Gouswer
    Well, I don't know if this is just me but I haven't seen many Skymins around =p. And here I thought they would be the new Chompy <.<
  6. S Tailor
    S Tailor
    Trust me, They'll be very popular soon :/
  7. Kurt
    Yay; I downloaded Shoddy and it actually works now! I may post here if I come across any problems and need help.
  8. Gouswer
    Sweet *is a month late*
  9. Jats605
    I just saw this...pretty quiet...and i do play shoddy yes...
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