Animal Crossing: Wild World Club!!! ;D

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  1. becnoir
    heres my animal crossing friend code for wii.

    FC: 1333-2270-5392
    Town: StarCity
    Name: Julia
  2. ~*sonia*~
    cool, i don't know my friend code ?_?(how do u find it) but, i will post it up when i do :P my town is called Tokyko and my name is Monica(my 1st 1 is demented, don't ask)
  3. ~*sonia*~
    im trying 2 get my friend code, but it wont work "error code 50922"
    btw, i found some guys key , and like, i don't know what 2 do with it so, i just mailed it 2 him...tell me wat 2 do next time plz!!!
  4. Poke-mage
    Hi guys I got animal crossing City folk and wild world, as soon as I unlock the parental controls my cuzin set( he forgot the password) I'll get to yal as soon as I can!
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