Beginner Group

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  1. Viscosity
    Email verification is important b/c sometimes we need to use your email to contact you.

    I will check with Steve about the issue and see if there's any way around it.
  2. Pikachupan
    Rawrrr I signed up again.
    couldn't I just send an email to an admin so they can see its my email? caus I still haven't gotten an email.
  3. Crymzon1980
    I think it may be better to find an easier way to become activated im still waiting on a email verification
  4. Pikachupan
    =/ Maybe the admins hate us =O
  5. Viscosity

    It seems that hotmail is purposely blocking ours emails for one reason or another. At this time we're attempting to get this resolved with our IP. If possible, hotmail users are asked to use another source of email for the purpose of signing up for pokefarm.

    Love always,
  6. Pikachupan
    I got validated =D
    I'd be willing to help out new guys too.
  7. nickgamer10
    Congradulations! hope you have fun!
  8. meeker
    I guess i am your first possible friend. Oh, and way to go!
  9. Crymzon1980
    i got a different addy now, so hopefully ill be activated soon
  10. Scotty!!!
    Brand new to pokefarm!!
    No friends or nuttin
    Who wants to show meh
    wuts up with this place???
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