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  1. MissingNo.
    Anyone getting it this weekend?
  2. lil_ash
    I was very tempted to go get it today, but I've read some reviews about the release games and they don't seem that good. Sports champion looks alright, but not good enough for me to pay £70 for the starter pack and game and then £22.99 for a navigation controller.

    Heavy Rain Move seems very odd, it's the same story but you move the things instead of pressing the buttons...

    There's a tennis game coming out in december i think, so I might see how that looks...
  3. MissingNo.
    The hardware itself is amazing. I've seen so many reviews on Move-Only games that show the lack of dedication to the software. I don't yet have the PS Eye, so I'll get the starter pack with Sports Champions to keep me busy until Vanquish next month. Until there's some major IPs taking full advantage of Move's capabilities, it won't sell. Heavy Rain lovers, those who are still playing the game over and over, will love the Move. I'm just bored and need a new game. Haha.
  4. lil_ash
    I've just read that Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition has Move support. I've never played any Resident evil game but, it should be a bit different.

    You'll have to tell me what Sports Champions is like and if it's worth getting.

    I loved Heavy Rain, so I would have to have maybe one run through..
  5. MissingNo.
    Sports Champions is fun so far. It does require you to put quite some distance between you and the tv though. Also to be perfectly centered. Hard to do in my cramped little room. Its like Wii Sports on steroids. Bocce is fun. Ping-Pong is much harder since you really have to put the paddle where the ball is, not just flick it. My favorite so far is the Archery game.

    I'm reading all these warnings about playing online and such, but I have yet to locate an online section if there is one. I sure hope there is. Online-mode would be the best advantage over Wii Sports. I'll let you know if I ever find it.

    And the Chinese food is as delicious as ever.. *nom nom nom nom nom*
  6. lil_ash
    Being able to play online would be a massive win, that is what was missing from the majority of the Wii games. It gets a bit repetitive playing against the computer.

    I'm very tempted to pop to the shop and get it tomorrow..
  7. MissingNo.
    No online-mode for Sports Champions, just leader-boards. The bundle comes with a demo disc with loads of Move content to check out. Yet there's no major game using the hardware. Until then, Sports Champions will have to do, at least you can rack up more trophies.
  8. lil_ash
    Got it!

    It's great. I really like the archery, and the gladiator duel. I've not played the disc golf very much because I'm terrible at it. But the rest of the games are quite good.

    I got Tiger Woods Golf aswell, it was on special when you bought Move. I'll see what that's like tomorrow..
  9. MissingNo.
    I'm addicted to the Disc Golf. My arm hurts so much today that I can't even play. Remember to stretch before Moving. :P
  10. lil_ash
    They should have that in the instruction manuel.

    I tried Disc Golf again.. I'm still terrible. But I've managed to get the bronze trophy on Bocce, Gladiator Duel and Archery..
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