1. MissingNo.
    Just wanted to brag that I've beat my own record for total points, kills, and mission points in a single solo match while maintaining a perfect 7-0 against Recruit difficulty bots. Match total may not add up because I did have one suicide: killing an unmanned turret with a grenade while dropping off a propaganda speaker. The total explosion killed myself and two enemies in the room just as I dropped off the speaker. Well worth it in my opinion. ANYTHING for mission points.

  2. MissingNo.
    To emphasize the usefulness of Skirmish, I just signed into the Warzone for the very first time today. And in my very first full match, I took the high points total, kill total, and mission points total for my team. Granted we lost, but I can't play for everyone. If you're just getting into this game and are having a little trouble in the multi-player, put some time in on Skirmish and get all the controls and maps down. Spending my time in the Skirmish area has really helped me.
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