Due to recent Events...

  1. meeker
    I have recently found time to revamp this group. Also, with updates to the forum complete...from what I can tell, I will be able to explain everything and more about how the forum works and how to behave. (That means you Nick)

    Things I would like to discuss:

    * FAQ Breakdown
    ~ Something like this
    * Infraction Breakdown ~ Something like this
    * Main Site Breakdown ~ Something like this
    * User CP Breakdwon ~ Something like this
    * Forum Breakdown ~ Something like this
  2. meeker
    * Toolbar Breakdown
    * Profile Page Breakdown

    * Specify Rules of Hacking ~ Something like this
    * Links to Check Out ~ Something like this
    * General Chat ~ Something like this
    * Frequently Asked Questions ~ Something like this

    If you have any further ideas to submit, feel free to post them here
  3. meeker
    I'm loving/hating you right now for all of these updates your done Kurt.
  4. meeker
    Now beginning to tidy up the group. This means I shall be recreating the discussions according to the new trends of the forum. Also, I shall be sending out PMs to near all of the members to clean out the inactive users.
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