Revised Forum Breakdown

  1. meeker
    Pokefarm Forums are composed of 10 major sections including the following:

    * Forum Announcements and Feedback
    * Pokémon League
    * Forum Farm
    * Pokémon Trades
    * PokéFarm Colosseum
    * Pokémon Chat
    * Other Resources
    * General Discussion
    * Team Rocket
    * What's Going On

    Each of the sections are further broken down into subcategories which will be explained further.
  2. meeker
    Forum Announcements and Feedback

    Forum Announcements:
    When announcements that address the forum such as updates, threads will be put here. It is recommended not to post anything here unless you are an admin.

    Forum Feedback:
    If you need to talk about the forum, here's your best bet. Although, it is still best to be an admin before doing much work in this subforum.
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