Scorpions and Other Nasties

  1. XD001
    1) Are they catchable?

    2) If so, you obviously know when and where they appear. So where and when?

    3) Any tips or tricks? I hate watching myself get stung or bitten, then reappear at my house.
  2. Poke-mage
    Well to catch a beehive you need more than one person one shakes the tree the other nets the hive when it lands.
  3. XD001
    Oh, so I'll have to get my FC up here...

    Can scorpions and etc cross holes? I tried to corner it by digging holes, but still I failed, when I tried to get near it.
  4. becnoir
    I think the Scorpions are only in the town at different times of the day + seasons. I can look it up in my book.
  5. XD001
    Any results with that book?

    But, ideally, how can I catch:

    -Scorpions (Chase you like no tomorrow...)

    -Tarantulas (Jump you, and you don't find it again...)
  6. becnoir
    Well 1st I have to find my book.
  7. XD001
    It's OK. By chance, the net caught the scorpion as it was charging at me.
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