Farmers Union

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  1. Slizer107
    Oeiginals are invited =)
  2. Bobreeder
    Hi Thanks for the invite!
  3. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    Thanks for the invite Slizer
  4. Slizer107
    Hi well i was ortomaticly in as i created it, and you guys own the big farms.

    Ps- Anyone reading who wants to join just pm me and we will put it to a vote via pm =)
  5. Magma Krystal
    Magma Krystal
    Thanx for the invite!

    So, this weekend, I'm in charge of the breeding at my farm, but I can't really come up with any ideas for the poke I'm going to breed. Any suggestions?
  6. Slizer107
    Well im doing Skarmory Then Seedot, and i see squrtle hasnt been farmed at falabore farm.
  7. Babael
    I'll be either doing machop, dratini, or Kangaskan next.
  8. Slizer107
    Oh Oh i want a dratini =) Lol
  9. WestCoastNinja
    I vote for Machop.
  10. Slizer107
    Machop- 1
    Dratini- 1
    Kangaskan- 0
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