Farmers Union

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  1. Babael
    Modest Bagon.
  2. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    I'm planning a Magby they will all be holding a special little treat
  3. Deneves
    I hope it's brownies
  4. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    Maybe I can add a little extra for you
  5. Babael
    I'll be doing Jolly Meditite next.
  6. Babael
    Well, its been a while since anyone up dated, lol. I'll probably start working on my Koffing next.
  7. Slizer107
    Wow some social groups arnt active lol.
  8. Babael
    Lets see, I just finished breeding my 30 Snover for the event, all of them have a 31/30 in sp def, and they also have another max IV in either sp attack or defense. There are a couple with max Hp, Def, and Sp. def. I'm working on Rash Bagon on my Pearl file.
  9. Slizer107
    This place is quite! Ill be breeding Rotom soon. Spark-Star is obselete so might aswell breed him.
  10. Bobreeder
    I think I want to breed something, even though it'll be only for myself (at least until I can connect to WiFi). Maybe I'll ppick up on Omanyte breeding again...
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