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  1. cyndaman
    XP Sorry, I dont know too much about songs, But its a good song either way. Everyones a letdown it just deepens on how far down they can go! Opening line! So awesome!
  2. kenzie
    yup....Newport Living is the name of that song. I love them

    good stuff XD
  3. dan the man
    dan the man
    yay!I got another neopets person to join! please welcome (bubububuububu)
  4. nicole!
    i'm nicole, that dans talking about. =D
  5. kenzie
    LOL, thats awesome...
    what up big N!?!?

    lol sorry sometimes I like to think I am cool...but I am not...haha jk I am..

    sooo neopets is quite the happenin place, but pokefarm is better=o
  6. Sorgatani
    -haha- Welcome Nicole ^_^
    Altador Cup is coming soon! I hope I get enough points for another Yooyu this year.

    However, these days I spend more time on PokeFarm than Neopets, but it's so hard to choose LOL
  7. Sorgatani
    YAY! Altador Cup is back again! As I said, I joined MI like I always do but I don't expect us to win
  8. Sorgatani
    Well it has officially started, and if I seem absent around here, it could be because I might be playing yooyuball
  9. Sorgatani
    Something Has Happened!
    You are now eligible to use 'Altador Cup Player' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
    Hehe, YAY! A new avatar at last ^_^ for the new one, win 50 games of yooyuball.
  10. Ace
    I found another game after playing neopets for a year, so it was kinda pushed aside, making occasional visits. But I am back into neopets now. [=
    I have never participated in an Altador Cup before, nor have I played yooyuball. This is gonna be interesting lol
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