Assistants Union

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  1. soccergurl22
    Hey slizer what's up?
  2. nana nettie
    nana nettie
    Woo Hoo Now we can tell secrets, and learn new ones Thanks Slizer for the special group
  3. Slizer107
    Unfortionatly others can see this but oh well we can still talk.
  4. Bobreeder
    I NEED to know where I can hide...please? belnum chases me with the paper at this very instant
  5. soccergurl22
    lol, Nice group slizer. =D
  6. Slizer107
    Bob come hide in the beacon gym! Nikolas being eleticuted atm by the faulty wire so he wont no.
  7. Bobreeder
    Okay, do you think I can hide there frequently, when belnum doesn't have anymore coffee, or when he reads BIIIG papers? XD
  8. Slizer107
    I think i can get nikola to be tied in the wires alot lol.
  9. juaco
    slizer is pretty cool that you made this group...

    somehow makes me remember when i was a gym leader/asisstants

    so i only will say...muajajaja i will enjoy this group a lot
  10. Slizer107
    Lol i remember losing to you but i will get my revenge
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