Animal Crossing City Folk Parties!

  1. becnoir
    Please post here if you have a upcoming AC:CF Party. Remember I think its only 4 people at a time at a town.

    My Party!

    I'll be having a AC:CF Party today at 3:00 PM EST. Only 4 people can come.


    You will be leaving my town after the party with 2 Peaches. Hope you like the goodies!


    The party is 3:30 PM EST to 3:15 PM EST.

    People who are coming!

    1 ~
    2 ~
    3 ~
    4 ~


    Just tell me if you want to come to my party!
  2. Kay
    Such a cute idea! Unfortunately I can't make it. I hope you and your guests have lots of fun though!
  3. becnoir
    Sadly nobody came.........
  4. CelticQueen
    aww very cute idea! I would have come but I didn't see the posting....I guess I should check AC things more often!! Sorry no one could make it this time.
  5. Poke-mage
    party at my place wednesday from 9:00 AM c to 5:00 PM c

    Pkmn lover and CelcticQueen are invited
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