Which upcoming film's tickle your pickle?

  1. Hamzydan
    I just found out that theres a teaser trailer that aired for transformers 3 revenge of the fallen during the american superbowl... I was practically bouncing of the walls, though it does look a tad darker than the last movie!!!!!

    On a side note The curious case of benjamin button despite being three hours long is an amazingly brilliant!

    Actually... heres the link for transformers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_FDGJ-Z0zY
  2. XD001
    Transformers 3? I think you mean "2", right?

    It is definately Starscream. That treachorous robot will do anything to be in power.
  3. Hamzydan
    Eeep, 2 indeed... I mean a third would be great but lets get the second out of the way first!
  4. Cleon
    that movie looks SO AWESOME!

    that and terminator salvation are gonna be great this year
  5. XD001
    Transformers 2

    I'm waiting on Iron Man 2.
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