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  1. KitsuneGin
    Our season is just starting, this time we're shooting for nationals.
  2. kenzie
    ooohhh nice! well good luck then!
    my team is headed to Dallas in July for the volleyball Nationals fun stuff
  3. celph77
    break a leg......XP
  4. dan the man
    dan the man
    mmm sounds fun kenz lol
    i just had my first baseball game of the season
    we lost but hey, i got to dive head-first into home XD and i just barely beat the tag lol
  5. kenzie
    NO! i will not break a leg! lol XD

    lol thats always fun Dan....haha XD
  6. kenzie
    well...tear tear the season is over for now....

    I have 2 car washed this weekend...for fundraisers...all day long...swimming in soap..haha
    at least i wont need to shower
  7. KitsuneGin
    Argentina beat Mexico last night 4-1.
  8. dan the man
    dan the man
    eww no shower Kenzie? XD
    well I hope it went good today lol I didn't have any fund raisers this year for baseball cuz we used our uniforms from last year lol and sign up was free cuz my parents are part of the organization lol yay
  9. KitsuneGin
    Well I know alot of won't waste your time on this, but I thought I'd post this anyway. Did you guys watch the ASP World Tour last 18th in Indonesia? Even if you have never watched any surfing, this was really good.
  10. KitsuneGin
    Coldplay is coming to Utah, got tickets already.
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