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  1. Shiny Lucario
    Shiny Lucario
    Favorite song by Breaking Benjamin?
  2. kenzie
    Polyamorous, So Cold

  3. celph77
    celph77 guys have awesome taste in music. I listen to all the songs/artists listed here so far. Anyone into the Arctic Monkeys or the Killers here?
  4. Shiny Lucario
    Shiny Lucario
    So you like the harder stuff eh? I like so many of there songs. I might as well list em =D:

    Diary of Jane; Evil Angel; Until the End; Here We Are; Unknown Soldier; Forget It; Had Enough; So Cold; Rain; etc.
  5. kenzie
    @ celph: KILLERS ARE AWESOME!!!
    I got hooked as soon as I heard Mr. Brightside

    good song still XD
    @ shiny L: yes I actually like all the songs you just said too ...especially Untill the End thats a great song!

  6. Shiny Lucario
    Shiny Lucario
    Forget It and the 2005 Rain single are awesome =P

    They're the slower songs but still awesome =D
  7. kenzie
    true that! slow songs are great though!!!
    love em
  8. Shiny Lucario
    Shiny Lucario
    Yes, they are =D

    Here We Are is another great slow song of theirs. You isn't that bad either =D
  9. kenzie
    okay geez celph!!!! maybe we will!! lol okay I guess all music chat happens here! XD

    ummm no I haven't Shiny L but I wil listen to it

    another great band is Audioslave
    XDD love them

  10. celph77
    audioslave is awesome!!! crazy about aerosmith and AC DC and 3 doors down and 3 days grace and.....there's just so manyyyy!
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