The Sports and Music Lovers Group!!!!

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  1. celph77
    First order of business, which sports does everyone play?

    I prefer tennis,soccer, track and football but I'll play anything really!!
  2. kenzie

    oh and rugby, lacrosse, and track
    XP but celph you already know that
  3. KitsuneGin
    Love watching sports, I play centerfield for my university too.
  4. celph77
    @kenzie - haha....sure did...XP
    @Kitsune - nice man!! Ever get any serious injuries?

    haha...ive never been a fan of watchng sports on tv....just seems boring....but I luv going to live events....but dont get me wrong...i luv playing sports!!
  5. kenzie
    @Kitsune: I love watching football....not golf though....*yawn*too boring..XD
    oh yeah thats cool that you play centerfield
  6. becnoir
  7. KitsuneGin
    Worst injury was during tryouts, I was going agaisnt a 7ft keeper, I was trying to pass him and he jumped at me with both legs up, he nailed me in my ankles and got me square in the thigh with his right knee and my right kidney with his other knee.
  8. kenzie
    sounds like pain.....*starts to sing*
    "pain without love, pain, can't get enough, pain, i like it rough cuz I'd rather feel pain then nothing at alllllll."
    good song...3 days grace baby!! lol XD

    hmm I tore my ACL going up for an attack one time in volleyball ....not fun, then sprained my ankle when i hit the floor, surgery was required....
  9. Shiny Lucario
    Shiny Lucario
    Hello everyone!!! First of all, the sport I play is baseball =D...though I didn't play this year...

    Also, Three Days Grace = awesome

    Not quite as good as Breaking Benjamin though
  10. kenzie
    true true Breaking Benjamin =fantastic
    but 3 days grace is good too

    basebal is good stuff
    i used to play fastpitch....but then I got bored of it and moved on to other
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