Animal Crossing City Folk

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  1. cowmoo83
    Anybody need peaches, pears, or coconuts? I have those, but I still need oranges and cherries. Shoot me a PM if you have one of those or if you want one of the fruits I have.
  2. Whitdjinn
    I am looking for chess peices and the chessboard rug.

    I have:
    Black Pawn
    Black Bishop
    Black Queen
    White Pawn

    We have all fruits now, though our Orange and coconut crop is just getting started.

    Thanks for the group Invite!
  3. Kurt
    Welcome, Kay!
  4. cowmoo83
    hey, whit, would you be willing to let me come over and get cherries and oranges later... I have more cocnuts if you want...
  5. becnoir
    I have peaches. Heres my code.

    FC: 1333-2270-5392
    Town: StarCity
    Name: Julia
  6. mewmaster
    hello everybody new person here
  7. cowmoo83
    hey vowl! Welcome to the group! Which fruit do you have?
  8. wookie
    Hi everybody! another new person joining.
  9. Whitdjinn
    moomoo- unfortunately our oranges aren't blooming yet, we've just got our first few trees in the ground. Perhaps we could arrange a time at some point for the cherries, we're swimming in those, and maybe by then we'd have some spare oranges too.
  10. cowmoo83
    ok, whit, that's fine with me! The other thing is that in CF, if we dont have time to directly meet each other (which would be more fun), we can send stuff via mail because of the new wifi features... Id rather come over though, new towns are fun!

    Welcome Wookie!
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