The Electric Pokemon Lovers Group(A.K.A Jolteons....) <3

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  1. kenzie
    YAY!!!!! we love Jolteon
    and all other electric pokemon......
  2. pokemasterSD
    Well well,a jolteon fan club.I love jolteons but empoleons still stands firm for me.Jolteons are awesome!!!
  3. celph77
    HELLO FELLOW JOLTEON LOVERS!!! First order of business....lets discuss how ADORABLE she is.....XP
  4. kenzie
    omg >....<....XD I know right she is soooo cute!!!!
    AHH my first electric poke in red version
    it was love at first sight
  5. pokemasterSD
    Kenzie or jolteon.>.>.....XD j/k
  6. celph77
    haha, my first electric pokemon in red was pikachu but jolteon was my second...

    I luv the way jolteon can pull off the spikey look and still look totally adorable....XP
  7. Slizer107
    I love eletrics they are hyper like me
  8. dan the man
    dan the man
    @pokemaster: lol both hahaha
    umm as much as I like it, i wouldnt want to give one a hug hahaha *ZAP*
  9. celph77
    celph77 either....that's a lot of future stitches i hug my jolteon plushie all the time.....XP
  10. kenzie
    @pokemaster: *gasp* not this again! XD jk
    @celph: oh yeah I remember I found a Picka in Viridian Forest but didnt catch it then waited till I found evee to get Jolteon
    @dan: but I'm cuter right?? XP I would give one a hug!!!!
    @slizer: I know meee tooo especially today I am really hyper I dont know why....XD
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