Shadow Lovers

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  1. poke_fan2177.MewTwo
    does "the thing" have a name?
  2. Whisperinthewind.
    .....................ok i guess but you should train vott is trying to get stronger.he already surpass the highest level!
  3. poke_fan2177.MewTwo
    hey just a thought.... why don't we actually have a tournament with yaorashi? just for fun, it has nothing to do with vott starting the war...
  4. poke_fan2177.MewTwo
    also i don't recognie TDB Leader. if you're new, then welcome!
  5. XD001
    The time has come. I, the Shadow Master, your leader is escaping from my prison in the torn world. I shall turn my journey into a story, as many of you are curious about exactly who or what i am. Enjoy.

    The Shadow Chronicles: The Fading Light

    Entry One

    For years i have layed here, chained at the wrists to two strong pillars. Trapped in the torn world in a large temple...what a way to go. But when i was locked in here, i put my body and my six pokeballs into a hibernating-state, preventing us from aging, hunger and illness. However, my mind was free to roam the temple, mentally noting every trap, shortcut or fake passage. I could snap these chains, but only with the power of shadows. And in this chamber there is no light or shadow, just...nothing. I heard that creature again, flying overhead. Every time it flies over the stones shake, and i pray one falls loose, so light can shine in and create shadows. They never do. Or at least for now.

    Shadow Master
  6. XD001
    Vott is toying with me! I see what he wants.
  7. XD001
    The Shadow Chronicles: The Fading Light

    Entry Two

    The creature was screaming loudly. Outside I heard things smash. I also heard something else. I could fell its power. It seemed that time had stopped. The temple shook. A brick fell loose. Light fell across me and a long shadow appeared. I smiled. It was time to blow this joint.
  8. pondertheworld
    Chapters or paragraphs? XD
  9. XD001
    More like entries of a blog or diary.
  10. XD001
    Ive changed them now anyway.
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