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43rd blog entry with Pokemon News (nothing else good as a title...)

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This is my 43rd blog entry 7 more to go to get to 50! On the blogs it only lets you use up to 3 smilies so I'm going to write Pokemon's names instead.

Poilwag: Hey, and welcome to the Pokemon News! We will be talking about the Pokemon awards today!

Diglett: Yup, the Poke awards are a group of awards that 5 different Pokemon get that the Pokemon News made up. You get to vote!

Poilwag: With the different catagories, heres Igglybuff!

Igglybuff: The different catagories will be, Cutiest Pokemon, Lamest Pokemon, Fastest Pokemon, Coolest Pokemon, and Best Flying Pokemon. There will also be another one too. The Best Pokemon of all time Award! When you vote the comments will be read by me and not put up on the blog post until June 27. Thank you.

Poilwag: Thats it! Bye, and remember to vote!

Voting Form ~

Cutest Pokemon-
Lamest Pokemon-
Fastest Pokemon-
Coolest Pokemon-
Best Fighting Pokemon-
Best Pokemon of all time-


I'll see you next time!


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Updated 06-27-2009 at 12:36 PM by becnoir

Pokemon News


  1. joinred1127's Avatar
    My Vote:

  2. pikaluva13's Avatar
    Cutest Pokemon- feebas
    Lamest Pokemon- arceus
    Fastest Pokemon- munchlax
    Coolest Pokemon- heatran
    Best Fighting Pokemon- dugtrio
    Best Pokemon of all time- lovedisc
    Updated 06-25-2009 at 10:36 AM by becnoir
  3. becnoir's Avatar

    Cutest Pokemon- Eevee
    Lamest Pokemon- Magikarp
    Fastest Pokemon- Jolteon
    Coolest Pokemon- MewTwo
    Best Fighting Pokemon-Mew
    Best Pokemon of all time- Pikachu
    Updated 06-25-2009 at 10:32 AM by becnoir
  4. Eevee Forever's Avatar
  5. joinred1127's Avatar
    I still think Feraligator are cute. How can you not like those cheeks?
  6. pikaluva13's Avatar
    Cutest Pokemon- pichu
    Lamest Pokemon- luvdisc
    Fastest Pokemon- shedinja
    Coolest Pokemon- blaziken
    Best Fighting Pokemon- lucario
    Best Pokemon of all time- arceus
  7. Rolytic's Avatar
    Cutest Pokemon- Spheal
    Lamest Pokemon- Dunsparce
    Fastest Pokemon- Rapidash
    Coolest Pokemon- Mew
    Best Fighting Pokemon- Dragonite
    Best Pokemon of all time- Charizard
  8. rj61's Avatar
    Cutest Pokemon-torchic
    Lamest Pokemon-feebas
    Fastest Pokemon-electrode
    Coolest Pokemon-MewTwo
    Best Fighting Pokemon-Hitmonlee
    Best Pokemon of all time-Zapdos
  9. Kay's Avatar
    Cutest Pokemon- Phanpy
    Lamest Pokemon- Probopass
    Fastest Pokemon- Deoxys-S
    Coolest Pokemon- Phanpy
    Best Fighting Pokemon-Lucario
    Best Pokemon of all time- Phanpy

  10. Bobreeder's Avatar
    Cutest Pokemon- Munchlax
    Lamest Pokemon- Luvdisc
    Fastest Pokemon- *looks at Base Stats* Deoxys Speed forme
    Coolest Pokemon- Tyranitar
    Best Fighting Pokemon- Arceus
    Best Pokemon of all time- Arceus
  11. becnoir's Avatar
    The results are now up!


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