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Ice's Barren Wasteland~


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I finally updated my fanfiction "The Life of A Teenage Trainer". It's still in the filler stage, but I do havea few things planned out for it.

I'm finally out of school so I have TONS of free time. Then again I just started Driver's Ed and its going to take 2 hours out of every day until the 19th. It was pretty boring and I think the permit test should be pretty easy.

I get my license in December, that is saying I pass the permit test on Thursday.

I plan to by The Sims 3 tomorrow after Driver's Ed. I love the sims so I think having the 3rd one is essential to my collection. Not that I have all of them....cause I don't.

Really I don't....

I plan to open a new things sometime this month on PokeFarm. Its time I get back to an old past time I had.

That last day of school was pretty boring, this boy in my class likes my friend Miranda. It was all psycho and crazy. I should so be a therapist. They aren't going out, but hey. *Shrugs* What can you do?

I'm thinking of getting a person to reread my fanfiction to point out any errors. Not change anything just grammar and stuff. It probaly won't happen, but then again anythings is possible.....

Bye Kids~


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  1. Psychic4Life's Avatar
    Glad to see you're writing again. Trust me, the test isn't as easy as it looks. My friend wasn't allowed to get his liscense because he made a right on a "no right on red" or whatever sign. It toook both of my parents about 3 times and their friends about the same too. Also, how was it chaotic? (the boy and Miranda)


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