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Ice's Barren Wasteland~

Home is where the Heart is~

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I'm currently in Hearthome, and I already tried to beat the didn't do so well.

That Mismagius messed me up. Now I have to level up all of my pokemon a little bit.

I still have the same pokemon. I was thinking about getting a Nosepass but I don't know if it will help in any future gyms.

I breezed throught the Eterna Gym thanks to Apple my Ponyta. It gained like 4 levels going through the entire gym.

If any one has any tips, feel free to post in my blog. I would offer help but I have no clue what I am doing.



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Updated 06-21-2009 at 01:49 AM by ice_tomb9



  1. XD001's Avatar
    Maybe an Aipom with Astonish or something like that...
  2. Pikadude609's Avatar
    Or get a luxio with bite or crunch.

    Staravia as ghost attacks can`t hit it and flying attacks can do some decent damage.
  3. S Tailor's Avatar
    I beat the gym with a Rotom, Staravia, and a prinplup (yes I took the plunge; only one I've never tried)

    Each was in the mid 20s. It wasn't too hard, just SR if you go wrong.
  4. cowmoo83's Avatar
    wait, do you face fantina the first time you get there this time? btw, what level were you when you were at the eterna gym...

    I have a lv. 19 turtwig, cydaquil, and chikorita as well as a lv. 24ish totodile and I'm not to floaroma town yet... are those good levels?
  5. XD001's Avatar
    I still went my Aipom in Diamond. Now an Ambipom called Priduo.
  6. ice_tomb9's Avatar
    You have to talk to her at the Contest Hall, then go to the gym. I beat her with my Grotle at Lv.26 with Curse, Bite & Super Potions. At Eterna I was around level 20-23.
  7. Pikadude609's Avatar
    Oh yer i forgot grotle can learn bite. Dark type attacks do good there.
  8. Eevee Forever's Avatar
    I don't even have platinum yet!
  9. XD001's Avatar
    Besides, in Platinum I think Bidoof can learn Curse. Actually, there's a lot of new movesets...


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