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Weekend Update

Mar. 16 Update

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Finally, Iím done with my project and now I can take some time for more important things. Like playing video games. :lol: I finished a couple of games, Iím posting the one that was supposed to be done a week ago. Yeah, shame on me for not playing enough video games.
Iím also finishing my review on Halo Wars, and a couple of movies. I would like to thank my Assistant Tester, Misa Misa as well.
If you want something reviewed, shoot me a PM.

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  1. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    Uggghh, Halo wars....

    Looks terrible, so I want to see how you reiview it...
  2. Bonz109's Avatar
    halo wars is not bad its just how you like your games me personally i like halo wars better than halo 3.


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