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It's.... evil

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... did I mention I hate my car? It keeps getting a new problem and I'm getting fed up with it, I can't put any of my money into savings because I have to keep putting it into the car... this car is costing me more than what it's worth, buuuutt because I need a car to get to work and school, I have to keep it running and I don't want to take out a car loan for a new one because I have school loans and I don't want another loan... this car is evil I tell ya'! It's like it knows I'm trying to save money... I swear I heard it cackle at me... of course dad said it was just the starter not catching making the "clicky clicky" noise... but I know what I heard.... ¬.¬

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  1. FatherGoblin's Avatar
    Maybe its your dad sabotaging your car so you can't move out?!?
  2. Taterbud's Avatar
    Doubt that, ha ha, because he has to use that car too sometimes and if he doesn't have a mode of transportation to use occasionally during the fall and coming winter, he's just as... uh, stuck as I am, but this means, at least for today, I can't go to classes tonight.
  3. Momtaro's Avatar
    Did you name your car "Christine?" If so, I would change that name ASAP. Also, an exorcist may help. Of course there are these guys called mechanics.....
  4. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    Wow, reminds me of the car my sister has. Hopefully it will all get sorted out for ya.
  5. Kay's Avatar
    Blech, I hate car troubles. Hope you can get it sorted soon! In the meantime is there public transportation, or someone you can carpool with?
  6. joinred1127's Avatar
    Looks like you have a Lemon. You can sue for that!
  7. Taterbud's Avatar
    @Kara: Thanks, but no public transportation, it's an easy fix, I just hate having to keep doing this... *sigh*
    @Joinred: It's not a "lemon," it's just a 2001 PT Cruiser... that has over 102,200 miles on it... she's uh... she's old.
  8. joinred1127's Avatar
    If you keep fixing one part, isn't that a lemon?
  9. Taterbud's Avatar
    Uh.. did I say it was the same part over and over again? no, there have been several problems, so no, it's not a lemon, it's just worn out.... man.
  10. BugCatcher6's Avatar
    Want me to take it for a joyride? How is your insurance?

    I had a car one time I thought if I could just wreck it I could get a new one. Course I got in a car wreck and did get a new car, that my ex-wife is driving.

    But then I went and bought a better new car he-he.


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