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Photoshop tutorial #1 Basics

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Here are a few things you must know when using photoshop or if you need to know what it is.

As you may know I use photoshop CS3 so if you have any version greater or less, don't worry, theres not really a difference between them.

Photoshop is an adobe product which costs a wholesome amount of money running up to a 1000$. So it is better to get older versions of it if you can.

There are free illegal weblinks to photoshop products but I HIGHLY don't recommend getting these, you could be caught by adobe.

Now if you want to look at the layout of my copy of photoshop look here:


Now you can see lots of different tools displayed on the layout, i'll get to that another time.

For now i'll stop explaining, I can't be too complicated on my tutorial.

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  1. becnoir's Avatar
    Yay! A tutorial!


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