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I gots a DSi!

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Yes, it is true. I got a DSi with my money and the little help of my Dad. So (I think this will work) I'm going to post a flipnote I made! *Hopes it will work*

Did it work?


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Updated 02-21-2010 at 06:33 PM by becnoir

DSi fun!


  1. becnoir's Avatar
    Just click the link. ((It didn't work. It would be nice if someone told me how to post it here.))
  2. Ryan493's Avatar
    I clicked it, and if the flipnote you're talking about is a growing heart, then it works.
    And awesome on getting the DSi!
  3. Kurt's Avatar
    Very cool, Julia; congrats on the purchase! ^__^

    You can't post the flipnote straight to PF--you can only link it like you just did.
  4. Kay's Avatar
    That's too cool! Congrats! Have so much fun with your new gadget.
  5. becnoir's Avatar
    I have made more flipnotes so you can see all of them here. (I think)
  6. Pikadude609's Avatar
    Awesome What colour did you end up getting?
  7. becnoir's Avatar
    I got the blue one.
  8. Kay's Avatar
    "Boom Flower" is amazing! I love that idea, and it was well-executed, too. Also, you draw very good kitties!
  9. becnoir's Avatar
    My Dad did the Boom Flower I did the rest.


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