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Voting ~ Story One

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Voting ~ The Dream of a Young Boy

Deep in the Lush Green Burubi Forest covered with trees all over and your eyes just see green from the trees and bright pink and yellow flowers. There stood a boy who went by the name of Joe. Joe was a nice boy. He was only 11 and he loved to play with all the Pokémon in the forest. There were Cherrim and Cherubi,Budew and Roselia,Bulbasaurs and Nidorans also there were Glameow too.

He loved to play with them all. Chasing Glameow around the forest and when it stopped and got tired he would cuddle up with it and sleep on the warm forest grass. And play around in the Grass with the Budew crawling through. It was ever so fun for Joe.

But One Day Something bad happened. There was a bad lightning storm approaching and Joe needed to get Home But There was Too Much Rain to allow him to see the Exit. So he hid by a tree. But suddenly Lighting hit the tree with Full Blast and it Caught on Fire and started to Topple Right Near Him. It fell and caught his leg. He was trapped and the tree was half on fire and was nearly up to him. He had to move but he could not.

But suddenly he heard a Swoop. And out of the River came a huge Pokémon. It looked sparkly and gleamed. And it swooped round and used Hydro Pump to blow the fire out and then swopped under the tree and lifted up and pushed it away. It then made a roar and scooped Joe onto it’s back and then swooped down the Water near the Exit. It was still to dark for Joe to make out the Pokemon. And just then let out a huge Roar which was so loud it pushed the rain back so Joe could get to the exit. Joe jumped off, thanked it and ran to the exit. Then it jumped down in the River. And as it did there was a big Sparkle and Joe Could see now that it was a Gyarados. But Not No Ordinary Gyarados, this was the super rare Shiny Red Gyarados that only few people had seen in their whole lives.

Joe said from that day he wanted to pay the Pokémon back and help any other Pokémon for helping him. So he set himself a Dream to become a Pokémon Ranger. He then tried and tried to become one at the Ranger School but it was always full and he could never get in.

But one Monday when he was getting ready to go out to the Forest, there was a knock at the door. And it was Miss Jayenty from the Ranger School in Rilfred Town. She said that there was a extra space available and his Mother had been talking to the School and they had decided to let Joe join. Joe was delighted. He jumped up and town and just was ever so happy that his dream had come true! He got told a Staraptor and a Ranger Teacher will come by tomorrow to pick him up. So later on he went to the forest like normal.

That Night, he could not sleep. He kept remembering the Red Gyarados that saved him. But then he fell asleep. He then awoke to find a Staraptor hovering near his Window. He jumped out of bed and rushed to get ready. Grabbed his stuff, said goodbye to his mum then jumped on the Staraptor with the Ranger Teacher Mick and flew off.

He arrived at the ranger school very quick, he got his uniform and his School Styler and got shown to the room. He was 1 boy out of 5. There was Him,Nic,Adam,Ryan and James. They all wanted to become Rangers. So day by day they went to their classes and got taught on how to capture Pokémon, how to use poke assists and all the other steps for becoming a Ranger.

A Few Months passed and it was finally Graduation Day. Everyone had a few free hours to do whatever they wanted around the school. Most of the girls just hung around walking and chatting to each other. While the boys including Joe just hung out on the field just chatting about the dreams of being a Ranger. Ryan wanted to be a Nation Ranger in the region of Almia. Far Far Away from Destity the region they had all lived in all their lives. While most of the others wanted to be NormalWork in Destity in various towns. While Joe Wanted to work up to be a Top Ranger and be able to Help People and Pokémon Everywhere.

They got called into the hall for the Graduation ceremony to begin. They got called one by one and got congratulated. Then they all went back to their home towns and the next day got told where they would be assigned to. Joe got assigned to his Home Town Burubi City. He received his new Styler and Uniform and became a Area Ranger helping various people around the Town with Missions and Quests and he loved it.

But One Day he got called to the forest for a emergency. A Pokémon was sick. It was… The Red Gyarados. And the worse thing was because it got sick and destroyed parts of the forest it got attracted by lots of wild Pokémon. And none of the Rangers could help. But Joe would not give up. He went and captured lots of strong Pokémon to lift the Gyarados. He Captured it and took it back to the Ranger Base and healed it up.

The Gyarados became Very Happy and soon became his Partner Pokémon and they became Best of Friends. And Joe also got promoted to a Top Ranger for his bravery and saving a Rare Pokémon. Joe was very pleased and excited. His Dream had come true and he had helped the Gyarados in return for helping him. It was the best day of his life and he then vowed to help Pokémon and People for the rest of his life along with his Partner and Best Friend. The Rare Red Shiny Gyarados. He was by far a very very lucky Boy.

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