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  1. Seeing as how you haven't responded to me much, I guess you might as well unreserve that shroomish.
  2. Definitely been difficult trying to get in contact with you. Do you think we could get a middle man to trade between?
  3. Oh, I'm in the Eastern Time Zone, with New York City and Lima, Peru. It's 11:47 for me right now.
  4. What time is it there, for you?
  5. Sorry, my fault. Monday, February 8th, around 6PM work for you?
  6. Okay, when you saw that message, I was kind of hoping that you would message me back telling me times that are good for you. So, I guess we'll have to try this again. Shoot:
  7. I keep missin' you when you're online. How about we actually arrange an actual time to trade for that shroom, instead of just poppin' in at random times?
  8. Hey, mind sendin' a message my way when you get back?
  9. Happy Needless Turkey Murder Day!
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