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  1. I sure will I didn't even know I had that Mawile; I just saw it for the first time scrolling through my boxes.
  2. Enjoy the marills I know will enjoy the mawile and shroomish
  3. Alright sounds like a plan.
  4. Think it was on my end, I'll hop back on.
  5. Hey there sorry I don't know what happened with the trade. When I see you again I'll send the male marill over.
  6. Oh that would be great
  7. I've got a six iv shroomish that I got off the gts, but it has effect spore. (You'd still have a chance to get poison heal though)
  8. Alright if you had female mawiles with intimidate or female shroomish with poison heal you didn't need that you don't need. I just learned marill can breed with those and I have a sweet thick fat male to help me get those pokes
  9. Thanks! I'll be sure to make the trade worth your while
    If you see me online you can just request a trade and I'll accept ^_^
  10. Well I used the seel you gave me and I hatched a 31/31/31/x/31/31 female I EV trained and all that for my team so you could get super power and aqua jet. It felt like forever to get a huge power perfect one. I think the game knew I didn't feel good and I didn't have all the patience in the world, but I got you a female huge power with perfect IVs except sp.att and a 2 male with thick fat so you can have a one of those if you would like as well.
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