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  1. Thanks a million Deneves, thats awesome stuff, gonna get hatching eggs and see what happens
  2. Good Luck, All the offspring I got had at least 5 IVs. Let me know if want the male back later on. I'm hoping to breed a Smeargle♂ with perfect IVs
  3. Hey Dude, Im on X for a while, if your around maybe we could do the trade. Cheers.
  4. Thats awesome man Cant believe you got it in the first box! Is it male or female? I can give you the english male to keep in return for a spanish male if you want it. Will that allow you to masuda method in your spanish game as well? Ill ask you for the trade when I see you on Thanks a million.
  5. Got it in the first box full of Zoroas. I'll get it to you when I see you on next
  6. Thats great, should make masuda method pokes worth actually using Let me know how you get on.
  7. I'll work on these tomorrow & hopefully have some success
  8. Cool, just grabbing them now.
  9. I am ready when you are
  10. Sandstorm in my opinion was the worst, I actually contacted somone on reddit to get a few for me, you and sunny skiddo If you look for scatterbugs from finland or northern canada you should eventually get one, that how I got mine. You want me to give you my two zoruas now?
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