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  1. hey man sorry about going MIA for a while, but i want to tell you that I'd be available to battle every night this upcoming week. Let me know what day is best for you.
  2. Hahaha, no rush. :3 I'd only be able to do it Saturday night, bah.
  3. i could try the weekend...depends on the gf. i'll get back to you
  4. Ah. Well, I'm working that evening so I wouldn't be on until probably 11 pm eastern. :< What about Saturday night or Sunday?
  5. well i wont be able to until friday after 3:30 PM PST. What time is best for you on that day?
  6. Let's see~ I'll be on for awhile tonight so about an hour from now? If that works for you. :'O I have to go eat dinner after I battle Deneves. xD;
  7. Bri,
    what days and times are best for you to battle?
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