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  1. Can I pick up my pokemon if they are done?
  2. You ready to pick up your mons?
  3. Ok
    I won't be on for long tommorow
    I will see if I can get to you tommorow
  4. I'm training your final pokemon today k?
  5. btw, its no need to train ditto if its for breeding ok ? the evs dont affect the egg outcome
  6. I'm on.
    I'll be waiting.
  7. So it'll be the main three then, let me get my ds, and i'll be in wifi in about 5-10 mins.
  8. Ditto is mainly for breeding for me.
    It will barely be for gym battles.
  9. Hmm, you sure you want to use those spreads? They may not be good for using in gym battles though, and there's no use to ev training ditto though, due to it only can transform and throws off the ev traing process
  10. Yup
    Its in the thread.
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